what the hell(sequel to why me)

read why me first
jess and phil are a thing and its time to tell dan but jess doesnt want to after what happened to phil will dan ever find out read and see


1. phils home

A/Nread why me first youlle understand this better phil is coming home its going to be great to see dan again but what will he think of us me and phil me and dan . ''phil when will we tell dan''i asked ''we wont jess we cant risk it babe''he replied calmly ''i wish we could you know what am i going to do he thinks i still love him and he needs to know about...us''he replied ''jess we cant tell him ok thats that ok''phil snapped i went quiet for the rest of the journey. (5 mins later) ''dan we're here''i shout ''hey babe im in the kitchen''he shouts phil pushes past me and goes over to dan what did do wrong
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