After the Credits: Fr❄zen 2

Sorry about Discovered, I wasn't feeling it! I don't belong in the One Direction Fandom. I belong in the Frozen fandom! As I promised, here is a sequel to the best story I have ever made! I hope you like it. I promise for it to be longer and better. Please comment about anything you want!


1. Chef Anna

Chef Anna

Anna's POV

Today is officially the anniversary of Elsa being queen for exactly one year. I'm so proud of her! I want to do something special for her. I decided that, with the help of the cooks for our castle, I will be able to make an amazing chocolate platter for her. There are is a minor problem, though. The summer bug is going around, so five out of the seven cooks are out. One half of the other two cooks is only an apprentice. The other has only been an official cook for only about a month now. I guess we'll look upon what is going to happen.


I walk into the kitchen.

"Hi guys," I perkily say as I walk in.

"Princess Anna!" says the apprentice, Peter.

"You're here!" exclaims the other chef, Christina. They both bow.

"Guys, don't worry, I say."Today, I'm one of you!" 

"Um, okay, let's get to work, it's going on 3:00 pm." suggests Christina.

Peter then asks, "Princess An-"

"Just Anna."

"Anna, what kind of chocolates do you want to make for Elsa."

"I was thinking since she has ice powers and all, we should have white chocolate. We'll melt those and put them into snowflake molds. When they dry, we can put some fruit flavors like strawberry and watermelon chocolate into them. After that, we can add sprinkles, more chocolate, etc."

"I like it. Sounds simple. Let's do it." says Christina.

Elsa's POV

After a big surprise in the village, which was a party for my coronation, I needed some time alone to rest before the big dinner. So I went into the library to read for a while. As I walked past the kitchen door, the smell of chocolate and fruit filled the air. I wondered who that was for. I was almost positive the smell consisted of something for me. I didn't want to ruin anything for anyone so I continued on to the library and read Macbeth.

Anna's POV

"Oh! They look so beautiful!" I say.

"Let's put the flavoring," says Christina.

"Could you hand me my butter knife?" Peter asks me.

"Um, sure..." I wasn't really sure why he needed one. There's something strange about him.


We put the sprinkles on. We were finally done. My eyes burned with exhaustion. With only three pairs of hands making six dozen chocolates, not bad!

"Lets go put them in the Great Hall!" I say.

We had made amazing truffles and turtles and even had enough chocolate to dip some fresh strawberries! I was so proud of us three, and I couldn't wait for Elsa's expression!

Elsa POV

"Okay, Elsa, you can open your eyes now!" says Anna a little too loudly.

I open my eyes. When they focus to the lighting, I see a beautiful platter of hundreds of chocolates.

"Wow! You did all of this Anna?"

"Nope! Come on in guys!"

Two of the cooks come in.

"You guys helped Anna do all of this?" I ask. I'm speechless. "Let's dig in!"



Yeah! I hope you like the first chapter of the sequel! And remember, NO COPYING!

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