1/5 of one direction

Heather is sister to Harry Styles yep The Harry styles. When his career took of he left his family and didn't come back.
It's been 1 year since her saw his little sister Heather. He comes with the boys to live there for 1 year. Will there me love? Will there be hate? Read and find out!


1. Thinking of him.

Heather's POV

Hey I am heather I am 16 years old. I have brown hair with purple dip dye. I have two best friends, Abby and Lauren. I live in England. I go to High school but it's my last year yay! After this I go to College. My family is mother a sister and a brother, I am currently not talking to my brother because when his career took if he left and never looked back. His name is ... Is Harry Styles. Yep the Harry styles. That's me so yeah.

"Do I have to mum, can't I go to Abby's for a year" I complained. I am sat at the dinner table with my family and my mum is telling us that Harry is coming back for a year and he has his band with him. "Yeah I am going to Lola's" Gemma said. "No your not. You are both staying here with me and Harry if you like it or not" my mum said her voice suddenly gone scary. She hated the fact that both me and Gemma stopped speaking to him. We both groaned. Even though she is older me and Gemma could be twins. "Right I am going to call him to see how many rooms he needs" mum said getting up "it's five including him!"Gemma said but she was already gone. "She really needs to pay more attention to his interviews" Gemma says and we both laugh

Harry POV

My was scrolling through pictures of me and Heather when my phone started going off. I looked at the caller ID. " hey mum" I said " hey ok so how many rooms do I need to make up?" She asked "I thought you said you knew who my friends are?" I said "I do I have just forgotten" she said sounding flustered "it's five mum, including me." I said instantly forgiving her. " ok I have to go what time are you going to be here?" She asked I looked at the time.Its was 6pm "Er 9ish ok I will let you go bye" I said and hung up. I looked through my contacts and spotted heather...

Me: hey I will be there at 9

Heather : yay!! Sarcasm btw

Me : I thought u weren't talking to me

Heather: it's not talking plus mum said I had to

Me:oh ok

Heather: I am going now I got bored

I put my phone in my pocket and shouted "we are going now" all the boys came fine but Zayn. Louis came down eating a carrot. Niall and Liam came down eating a big bag of crisps. " "come on Zayn" I shouted he was doing his hair again.We went outside and into the mini van Paul had rented for us.

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