Nizzy Fanfic

These are my notes on true,witnessed events on Noahs and Izzy's relationship XP


1. Nov 1,2013

Nizzy fanfic

Nov. 1 2013

Noah's POV

I'd like to start off telling my journal how I feel about Alyssa ((mostly known as Izzy)). To me, Alyssa is the most beautiful person I've met. She sings very nicely and she's really nice. Plus, she's awesome at sports! I love her so much, but she might have feelings for my cousin, Riley.

It was at the church when we were praying the rosary I wouldn't DARE look at Alyssa. She might notice me! But, I couldn't control myself. I looked. Again, I saw the most beautiful face in the school;though, something was wrong. She was poking Riley's cheek.

Some romance stories ((and don't think I read those like Kat...or "Mina" in her case...)) start like this. The lovers always start as enemies or hardly friends. Izzy is sort of like that with Riley. I...I just can't BEAR to see her with him! Even just her going on a date with him makes me SICK((and now that I think about it... No.. Not Catalino!))He's not as much friends with me and Alyssa. The biggest dif is that I love her. That's a statement.

Back to the horrid scene...She continues to poke my retarded cousins face. Why is she touching him?! She was smiling. The smile was unbelievably adorable, but there were side effect to what could happen after that smile.what if he pulled her and kissed her?! What if SHE did it((but she would never... He's not cute even compared to me... Although I AM pretty hot)). What if they accidentally tripped?! What if someone pushed? I just talking about Riley and Alyssa lip-locking?!

I will conclude this story by saying... RILEY I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE!!!

Izzys POV

I love Noah Johnson. he's the cutest,nicest,and awesomest guy I'm school! He's like my best friend, although I already have two of those. Something wrong happened today at mass, though. I think he was jelly that I was poking Riley!

I was poking Riley, Noah's cousin. He's a little bakahead, so I decided to mess with him. I was having fun and he seemed confused and annoyed.Perfect. Looking at Riley reminded me of Noah. His smile always makes me happy. He seems like he's having a rough time, so that makes me even happier.

In the corner of my eye I saw Noah. He was just staring. I freaked out a little in my mind. Did he like me? I had no idea, but if he did, he was either thinking about me or he was thinking about how mad he was when I was with Riley. I'm glad Alexcia wasn't here... That would have been hilarious though.

He just looked. I got scared, so I looked away. Thinking and praying, I looked at my rosary. What was going on? I needed to find answers. But they'll reveal themselves soon enough ((and I wonder what the retard was thinking...))

Riley's POV

I'm just doing this out of boredom and weirdness, so don't think I'm thinking anything romantic or love storyish for ANY reason! Plus I'm writing about what happened during rosary cause I felt like it.

I was just praying and doing my think when Alyssa poked meh! That was highly annoying. I just continued and she just kept smiling and poking... But the thing is... If Alexcia were here, she'd think I was "cheating" and she'd stop freaking out over me!

Soon,I noticed Noah seemed to look at Alyssa...dreamily. It didn't seem like any look I'd ever seen from him. He's not that person that would make that look. It was weird. I can't make out what it... OH MY GLOB! MY COUSIN IS IN LOVE!

Adults all around me always watched romance videos and read romance books! I knew from when I was young everyone would Fall in love. I don't think I will, but I never knew my COUSIN would! I'd love to see their wedding ((snicker snicker))

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