the blog and video girl

Ello i'm Gabreella O'Donahue but my family took out the O i have a nice blog where i give out true information about anything im asked. I also have videos about famous people or me or just random things. I didnt know that doing these things i would meat the best people ever................

find out read!!!!!!!!!!


1. The video that started it all




                          Ello i'm Gabreella O'Donahue today we will be talking about boy bands but not just any boy bands the boy band i told my fans to send me the names of the beats boy bands but almost all of them sent me the same thing 1D so i looked it up and now i know that's a boy band. I'm not a fan and im sorry but i did some reading on them so lets get started. okay so i hear there are 5 boy Zayn Niall Harry Louis Liam. some people say they are gay and that is not there business so leave them alone or you are no fan of mine or theirs.  im sorry my acsent is slipping i have to go good bye and see you next time.

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