Hidden in the Shadows

It started out as four best friends on a camping trip but when weird things start happing, they might not make it out alive...


5. Black eyes

Syd and I went to bed immediately but through the thin wood walls we could hear the boys talking.

I don't know what time it was when I woke up. No light was shinning through the windows. I heard yelling from the boys room. They must've been playing a game or something.

"What the hell Dan!" I heard Erich yell and then something crash into the wall, making the whole cabin shake. I heard Dan yell something but it seemed foreign, I got up just as Syd was getting up.

"What's going on?" Syd and I asked at the same time.

I moved out of the room and into the boys room where Dan stood hovering over Erich. Dans shoulders dropped and as he turned to look at me, his eyes were pure black. He turned back to Erich who held his sword up pointing at Dans chest.

"Stay back Dan," Erich warned, his hands slightly shaking.

Dan growled and grabbed Erich by the shirt and lifted him up like he was only five pounds. This was not Dan. Erich kicked Dan in the chest and Dan dropped Erich and flew back. He stood back up and moved towards Erich who fumbled with an object next to him then he held up his gun.

"I said stay back!" Erich yelled as he pulled the trigger. Dan dropped to the ground. He struggled a bit and then his last breath escaped him. A pool of blood saturated the ground.

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