I Can't Live Without You

"I want to know who Tyler is. Are you cheating on me again, Mariah?" he asked, holding up my phone. I groaned and took my phone back.
"Harry, I never-"
"Yes, you did. Don't lie to me." he said cutting me off.
"He is my ex. He took our break-up to the extreme and has wanted to kill me for 5 years now."

What happens next?


4. Epilogue

*1 Year Later*

I still see her in my dreams. Sometimes I'll think I'll see her when I'm out, but obviously it's not her. Britain and I have started going to grief counseling every week. She still wakes up some nights with nightmares, but I will always be there for her.

Tyler was found and put in jail for life. We all have had to adjust to not having Mariah in our lives anymore. In the end, we just have to take it day by day. I know Mariah's in a better place now and that i the only thing that gets me out of bed sometimes. 

We fall down, but we get right back up and dust ourselves off.

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