I Can't Live Without You

"I want to know who Tyler is. Are you cheating on me again, Mariah?" he asked, holding up my phone. I groaned and took my phone back.
"Harry, I never-"
"Yes, you did. Don't lie to me." he said cutting me off.
"He is my ex. He took our break-up to the extreme and has wanted to kill me for 5 years now."

What happens next?


1. Chapter 1

I looked down at my 3 year old daughter, Britain. I hope one day she'll realize how special her name is.  Where it came from. 

         I guess you could say I'm priviliged, but when your boyfriend(and the father of your daughter) is in the biggest band on the planet,...well... It has its perks. The perk I like and hate at the same time is that I have so much Mariah Time.         As Britain blew out the candles on her birthday cake, Harry pulled me into the kitchen. "We need to talk." "Fine. What?" I asked, getting irritated. "I want to know who Tyler is. Are you cheating on me again, Mariah?" he asked, holding up my phone. I groaned and took my phone back.  "Harry, I never-"
 "Yes, you did. Don't lie to me." he said cutting me off.  "He is my ex. He took our break-up to the extreme and has wanted to kill me for 5 years now."  When I told him this, his whole demeanor changed. His eyes fell to the floor, his arms enveloped me in a tight (and very comforting) hug, and his voice lost its harshness.  "We could have put this bastard   in prison a long time ago. I'm sorry I accused you of cheating. I should have known."   "It's okay." I paused. "What are you thinking about?" "How to get this stupid ex of yours out of our life and keep him away from Britain." Hearing her name triggered a flashback of the best day of my life.  "Do you remember everything that happened the day she was born?" I knew it was a silly question, but I had to ask. "How could i forget?! You had been a pain in the arse all week." "Well, what do you expect?! I was 2 weeks past my due date!" I argued. "I know. Friday were the live Britt Awards and Management made me go-..." While he was talking, I could see everything from that day.     


*Harry's POV*
As the boys and I walked onstage to accept the award for Album of the Year, I heard Paul's voice in my ear. 
"Harry, Mariah said Baby Britain looks just like you." I didn't know what to think. My girlfriend just gave birth to our daughter and I wasn't there. I looked at Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. Liam nodded and I tried to quickly piece together what to say in my head. Apparently someone had already said thank you, we love our families, fans and everybody else who helps us, so all I had to do was make the announcement. 
"Today, as I was walking up here, Paul told me my girlfriend, Mariah, just had our daughter, Britain." As my eyes started blurring up and Liam steered me offstage. When I finally took in my surroundings, I saw an interviewer to my right and a TV crew on the opposite side. I looked at Louis and sighed. 
"Just go. Your family needs you. We'll cover for you." He said literally pushing me outside.
"Thanks Lou. I'll see you later." I ran to my car and started the drive to Memorial Hospital to see my newborn daughter and her mom. 
*Skipping car ride cause I don't wanna write it*
I stopped outside Room 314. I needed to get myself together before I saw Britain. Taking a deep breath, I walked into the room.
The baby Our baby, looked so much like me it was scary. Her eyes were green, her hair was in little brown curls, she even had my nose. (Honestly I thought she looked more like me than her mother.) I looked at Mariah. Somehow she could tell what I was thinking and she smiled. That's when I saw it. Britain's smile and Mariah's smile were the same; big, bright, and gorgeous. I thought back to the time Mariah and I discussed names. In the end, we picked Camryn.
"What happened to Camryn?" I asked.
"I saw your speech and I felt like this night was too special not to take full advantage of. Her father won the BRITT Award for Album of the Year and Britain is the country where she was born. Her full name is Britain Camryn Styles-Aspen." She said beginning to rock Britain. I was crying as I laid down beside Mariah and Britain. I cuddled with them until Mariah was allowed to go home.
*End of Flashback*

*2 years after Britain's 3rd b-day*

Tyler- Meet me in the back alley at two. come alone. P.S. u might want to tell ur  bf. 
  I looked at my phone. Why did he have to keep bothering me! 1:58     
"Harry!" he poked his head around the corner. 
"I'll be right back. if i'm not back in literally 3 minutes come downstairs." 
"Okay. I love you." he said kissing me softly. 
               ***  I saw Tyler and walked towards him, but something silver glinted at his belt.  
Oh crap. he's gonna kill me right here outside of my own apartment. I took a deep breath. 
"Just go ahead and shoot me. It's not like i'm gonna beg you not to." 
"You could have had everything, Mariah. But you chose to go with that boy-bander and break my heart. Since you made me suffer for 6 years, I think I'll make everyone you love suffer even more than I did." He took out the gun and aimed it at my chest.  
"I love you Mariah." and with that, he shot me. I fell back, stunned. I couldn't't die now. I had to take care of Britain. Somewhere in my mind I heard what sounded like Harry looking for Tyler. I felt my body lift off of the cold ground.  
"Stay with me Mariah. You will be okay. I promise You will be okay. Look at me." He said. somehow he was running to the Hospital. I struggled to open my eyes, but i finally did. 
"Mariah, stay with me." I saw unfamiliar faces and heard voices I didn't't recognize.  
Where am I? The last thing I remember is Tyler shooting me... I guess it would make sense that I would be in a hospital.In a matter of seconds, I had been knocked out. At least that's what I thought, until I saw the light... 
  When I woke up, I was in a hospital room, but something was off. I looked around the room and my eyes  landed on the bed. I was laying in the bed not moving. My body was frighteningly pale. Harry was holding my hand so tight his knuckles were white. Perrie and Zayn were sitting in a corner along with Liam, Sophia, Louis and Eleanor. I wondered where Kayla, Niall, Ana and Logan were. I heard crying in the bathroom and just by looking at the door, I could see in. Kayla and Ana were sobbing into their boyfriends' chests. "A. She will be as good as knew when she wakes up." Logan said.  
"She has been on Life Support for a week Logan!. If she doesn't't wake up in 2 days, Harry's taking her off of life support. She's my sister!"   A week?! Had I really been out a week? My thoughts were suddenly jerked back to the hospital room by a noise in the doorway. I looked and saw my parents  Diane and Robert Aspen. Mom was already crying, while Dad was holding her up. 
"How long?" Dad asked sitting my mom in a nearby chair.  
"A week and a half so far. I was thinking about doing it tomorrow." Harry replied. He looked like he had been crying as well. 
"I guess. I don't want to be here though." He was silent for a minute and then leaned over to Liam and whispered something to him.  
"No, sir. He's been here 24/7." a look of acknowledgment  passed between my dad and Liam. 
"Harry, I know you don't want to hear his, but you need to go home and sleep." Liam said. 
"No! I can't just leave her! I won't! What if she wakes up? I can't sleep without her!" after 2 hours of fighting with him, they finally got him to go home.  
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