Diana: Girl with the broken soul.

"Name three things to describe yourself." My new father said. The other boys gawked at me, but in a polite way... They all looked my new dad's-well Louis he told me to call him,- age, like in their twenties...
"Oh honey don't be shy," the blonde one said smiling, flashing his beautiful teeth.
I took a deep breath and mumbled,
They looked confused. Until the one with the jet black hair said...
"Honey.... You don't need to be like this anymore. You can trust us. I swear it. You can tell us anything at any time and we'll keep our mouths shut. I can see it in your eyes, feel your body language and see that you don't trust us or.... Something was happening to you before we adopted you....please don't be afraid. Don't cry. Your free from that place now, okay?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest while i spilled everything.


9. Love at first Night in Florida

"Well, umm... So who do you have a crush on?" His eyes instantly lit up. "Well, she has really pretty green eyes, her skin is like a beautiful caramel brown color and.... She is the most amazing person. And she may not notice, but when I'm around her, it's like I can be myself... But I haven't had the heart to tell her my feelings because she likes someone else." His face dropped again but he tried to hide it. "Oh... Well good luck with her... I bet she's great." I murmured. I tried to hold back tears as I looked away. It was an awkward silence as we headed to the car about to go to the hotel. We got there and went to our room. Still in silence we sat on the couch. He looked at me with sad eyes. "Wanna watch a movie?" He asked trying to lighten the mood. I just shrugged and he started to get frustrated. "Darling just tell me whats wrong! Why wont you talk to me?" He said slightly raising his voice. "Because I know that I have no chance with the boy I've loved for nearly two years! Do you know how hard it is to contain my feelings around him?!?! He loves someone else! Whats the point of even trying?!?" With that, he was silent, until he said,"You know I have it just as hard? The girl I've fallen for since day one doesn't even think of me that way. And believe me, I've tried to forget about my feelings. But she's stuck in my brain!" Silence. "Well maybe we should move on from those people." He stares at me and moves closer, so close that our noses were almost touching. "But... Thats impossible... I cant get over a girl like you..." And with every word, he inched closer and closer till his lips were a ghost over mine. But without any time for me to process this, he closed the tight space. Okay girly moment: his lips were soft and warm. He was so gentle. It quickly turned passionate, but definitely not in a lusty way.

He rested his forehead on mine. "Liam," before he could even say anything, "Thank you for being the one..... You know... For almost two years." He pulled back and looked at me. "You were talking about me this whole time?" He asked shocked. "Umm... You were talking about me? Thats the question!" I laughed and he picked me up and twirled in a circle. "Yes I was talking about you!" "Well umm does this mean we're a thing?" I asked and he shook his head. "No.... Not yet....." He waited and asked "Geo, will you be my girlfriend?" I giggled and uttered a "Yes." He kissed me again and carried me to the couch. "Well, now what?" I asked. "He looked at me and thought for a moment.... "TICKLE FIIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!!" He pinned me to the couch and took his hands to my stomach. I squealed and screamed like a baby. "STOP!!" I squealed. "WELL YOU HAVE TO SAY ONE THING BEFORE I DO," he laughed. "You have to say...'Liam is the sexiest guy on the planet and I wanna marry him!!'" He said in a girly voice. I groaned and said it. He let go and flopped down on top of me, both of us panting, almost instantly falling asleep.


So what is this rumor that Zayn and Louis have been smoking weed?!?!?!?! I have never heard that and will someone, when they comment, tell me what the poop is going on? Its really scaring me...😭😭😱😱😱😨

But uuuuhh any way, like fave comment, you know the drill ladies (and guys, wont forget yah 😙😘😜) haha but seriously you guys have been aaawweessoommmee! Thanks for the 96 reads!

Niam Noodle xxxx

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