Diana: Girl with the broken soul.

"Name three things to describe yourself." My new father said. The other boys gawked at me, but in a polite way... They all looked my new dad's-well Louis he told me to call him,- age, like in their twenties...
"Oh honey don't be shy," the blonde one said smiling, flashing his beautiful teeth.
I took a deep breath and mumbled,
They looked confused. Until the one with the jet black hair said...
"Honey.... You don't need to be like this anymore. You can trust us. I swear it. You can tell us anything at any time and we'll keep our mouths shut. I can see it in your eyes, feel your body language and see that you don't trust us or.... Something was happening to you before we adopted you....please don't be afraid. Don't cry. Your free from that place now, okay?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest while i spilled everything.


8. Beachy-Peachy

I stepped out of the car onto the warm sand. So this is what a beach smells like? I walked out a little further until I was stopped by Louis. "Oi! I ain't your luggage monkey, come get yah bags, girlie!" I turned to find him and Zayn getting beach bags out of the trunk. I walked bag over there and got my bag. I helped Zayn get the heavy cooler down. Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Hey. C'mon! Let's go prank someone." I turned around to a smiling Harry. I looked back at the two boys still unloading the trunk and ran off. We talked and talked until we came to a decision on what our prank was.

We decided to prank Louis and Zayn. I spotted a group of guys with a tub of fake blood and big pliers. Why did they have those on the beach, I don't know, but it helps. I asked for some fake blood and the pliers. They helped me put it on my face and shirt, and one of the guys decided to be the suspect of our prank. "Ready?" The boy said and I nodded. "Okay. You scream and Ill hold these pliers. You," he said pointing to Harry,"Go get the people you're pranking to follow you here." He started putting the blood onto the pliers. He then held up his hand and gave me a count off. I suddenly screamed as loud as possible. Harry ran over to Zayn and Louis and said something. When they arrived over to the spot, they saw me lying on the ground covered in blood from my nose to my stomach. Louis and Zayn were furious. "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?!" Louis shouted, causing Niall and Liam to appear from the car. "I-I was trying to h-help her with something and I hit her b-by accident." The boy with the pliers quivered. Zayn spoke. "GEO! Are you alright darling? Does it hurt?" I looked up 'angry', "GOD SAKES, It only hurts when I answer stupid obvious questions." He looked taken aback by my sarcasm. "Call an ambulance someone!" Louis panicked. The boy nodded at me, which was my cue to tell everyone it was a prank. "Lou, something else it wrong..... You've been pranked..." I said smiling. He looked confused and then he was angry. Everyone else laughed except Louis. "Seriously, Geo?!? Don't you frekin scare me like that ever! I swear to God don't do that!" We cleaned up the mess, with Louis still mad, and we started to have fun. We hung out with those boys who helped us. They were actually really nice. Liam then came up to me. "That was good. I didn't know you were a prankster." He smiled and put his arm around me. "Well, it was Harry's idea. You can thank him." I smiled back. We stared into each other's eyes again until he remembered, "Oh! Our game! You never answered the question!" He had a smug look on his face. "So, Geo, who is you crush?" I slowly began to speak. "Well, he's really handsome. And he has these brown eyes, and I'm telling you, they make me melt inside. And he's the sweetest thing. Like he'll look after me when we're alone, like make sure I'm okay and satisfied.... I just hope he feels the same way I do about him...." I looked at him. My heart broke at how disappointed he looked.

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