9. Chapter 9

"finally i have a daughter" came a voice behind her

Sophie faltered, they had just come inside and while Tariq left her once again to take a phone call, she had been lost in a romantic sort of painting, that consisted of yet another Bedouin warrior on a horse but this time with a brightly dressed damsel sitting behind him and them surveying endless seas of golden sand.

She turned around and beholded Tariqs mother, it was easy to identify her as such, for she had the same lovely persian looks. With long dark hair, tanned skin and sparkling eyes, she had even maintained her figure in her late years which was shown off by a sapphire blue designer dress. Sophie was in awe. Looking down at her two day old clothes, she felt ill suited to greet such a woman. The woman kept looking at her with kind eyes while sophie stared back awkwardly not sure what to say. Fortunately Tariq walked back in, giving his mother a warm greeting and then introducing sophie as an acquaintance.

"you can not fool me son" his mother responded, sophie detected a slight middle eastern accent under her well spoken english, "this is the first time you have brought a girl home since that hippy girl in highschool, what was her name daisy,...lavender?"

"its rose mother" he said somewhat irritated

"rose the hippy girl" his mother said as if amusingly remembering this girl from the past, then she returned her gaze to sophie "and what do you do sophie?"

"oh, i am without profession at the moment" sophie stammered

"she is a graphic designer" Tariq added

Sophie looked at him confused, how did he know that, she had  lost her job a week ago, but it had felt like nothing compared to losing her boyfriend. She was fortunate that she owned her flat and that her father liked to deposit money regularly into her account, so looking for another job was not high on the to do list.

"wonderful" his mother continued and then pointed to the paintings, "so you must like the art?"

Sophie nodded, "yes they are beautiful"

"ahh this one is one of my favourites" his mother then exclaimed, pointing to the one that sophie was just looking at. "it reminds me of my late husband and me, when we were young and so in love"

Oh sophie thought, she had not thought to ask, but realised now that Tariqs father had passed.

"you should take your love out for a horse ride" his mother than said, looking at them with romantic stars in her eyes.

Sophie blushed and thought Tariq would be annoyed again, but instead he just gave Sophie a megawatt smile, which made her stomach turnover.

"maybe later" he replied

He then went serious, "mother look i am here for a work thing"

His mother than threw her hands up in the air in dramatic fashion, her eyes alarmed. "i dont want to hear it"

Tariq sighed and rolled his eyes back. "mother please, i just need you to not tell anyone that sophie and i are here"

She then looked at sophie with pleading eyes, "do you know this sophie, what work he speaks of, he thinks i dont know, but i have seen the bullet wounds, the government does not understand the worth of your only son, they just let them die senselessly while they sit in their expensive chairs sending emails to their pretty secretarys"

Sophie did not know what to say

Tariq looked irritated again, "mother, i enjoy my job, i dont care if some people would rather send emails to the secretaries, i would rather be protecting and serving my country"

 His mother nodded, not in agreeance, but in not wanting to continue talking of it further and then again put her hand to heart dramatically. "wait i am having a dinner party tonight"

Tariq looked even more frustrated, "what, how many people?"

"possibly fifty" she said and then beginning to look at Sophie now with sparkling eyes as if she had just forgotten what they were talking about, "do i have the dress for you Sophie"

"we cant attend" Tariq said with a straight face

"why not, they are just a bunch of fuddy duddys from the antiques club, no secret spies there Tariq" his mother said getting a little miffed now

"i will think about it" he said shaking his head still displeased

A satisfied smile filled his mothers face, "now go take your girlfriend for a ride" she said shewing them away, "it was a pleasure to meet you sophie"

"yes, it was a pleasure" Sophie said giving her an appreciative smile and then followed an stern Tariq out of the room.





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