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  • Published: 19 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
If you had the chance to redo any day of your life, would you take it?

Just like everyone else Cassandra has had bad days. But there is one day in particular that she wishes she could just redo. The day she broke up with Jason. What happens when she gets the chance to redo it?
Does she make it better or worse?


1. Prologue

~"Sometimes you have to forget what's done, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what's next."~

But what if i don't want to forget?

What if i dwell about it every day, every second of my life?

What if i can't forget?

What if there i nothing that remains?

What if there is nothing to look forward to because he is gone?

What if i got the chance to redo that day?

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