Directioners in 30 years (imagine)

This is a really short imagine of directioners in 30 years. Hope you enjoy! This is my first one so please no hate. Please like and fav! Thanks!


1. New chapter

I hear the slightest sound of the cowbell as I drive home from work. I turn up the volume and start to sing to the song. What Makes You Beautiful. Right after the song ends I hear the announcer state a death. "All of One Direction's songs will be played today in memory of the band's Niall Horan who passed away on July.23 at 8:22 pm." I shut the radio off and pull over. I am blinded with tears as they pour out of my eyes. I look out the window at the rainbow filled sky and say "goodbye Niall, I love you and all the other boys so much. I always have and I always will."

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