Into The Night

Lily Pepperhooves life is become a disaster – her horse, Pearl, died in a tragic car accident just over a month ago. Pearl’s filly, Tilly Pepperhooves, is missing her mother dearly but doesn't trust Lily as much as her mother did. Her best friend Lorene O’Hannigan is spending less time with her for romantic relationship reasons and the only person she can talk to is her school best friend Joe Payne, who has started to act weirdly around her.
And just when Lily thinks that things can’t get much worse, she starts losing out on her sleep too because of strange noises and shapes visible from her window.
Will her life ever get back on track? And will she ever find out what the weird noises and shapes she has been seeing in the night are?


2. At Night-time

I laid in bed thinking about my mare, and how happy i would be if she was still here today. If she was still in her stable. How happy we would both be. How happy everyone else around us would be.

Normally at this time of night i would still be able to see everything clearly out the window. There would be one or two horses or ponies sleeping in the paddock. There might be the odd horse with his, or her, head outside the stable window. There would be big trees swooshing around in the wind. 

You could also hear gentle sounds, mainly from trees and horses. You could hear their metal shoes clanging against the concrete floors of the stable. There would be some nights where you could hear a horse whinny as they trot around the paddock. 

I got out of bed, to awake to even consider the idea of falling back to sleep any time soon. I wonder out the window to see what all the horses were doing at night. Mum doesn't mind if i go out with them either, she owns the school anyway. I saw one of the school ponies, Pickles, cantering randomly around the field. This made me think that something strange was going on. He is the type of pony that is really stubborn, you know, that one that always is eager on hacks to go for a nice long canter but everywhere else is happy to stick to walking and minimal trotting. It seems every riding school always has one. So when Pickles is cantering around a field crazily, you can tell something is going on. There was also a blur in the corner of the field.

I quickly grabbed my dressing gown and wrapped it around me. I slipped on my boots and rand downstairs, out of the door and straight for the tack room. I could still see Pickles cantering madly around the field, so i grabbed a headcollar and a lead rope and ran back out to the paddock.


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