"What's going on here I can't believe this at all"


2. chapter two

The next day

"Kristin where did you put the oh you know the things that have the spikes, they were on the counter I was going to drop them off at Anna's place today?" Luke says.

"Um you mean the cactuses ya they were going bad so I throw them out I'm sorry I didn't know they were for anything really I can go and get some at the store later today if you want you can come along I have something's I need to pick up and I think you have some things of your own to pick up, you know for gingers party" Kristin says.

"What are you talking about I totally have gingers present in the back of my car" Luke says grinning as he speaks.

"I can't believe you forgot my own cousins birthday! What will it take for you to remember something?!" Kristin says with anger running through her face.

"I'm sorry honey you know I'm not much good at remembering much but I didn't remember that today is our anniversary! We have been dating for 1 year!"Luke says as he pulls out a tiny box with a little bow on the top of it from his pocket.

"Oh ya I knew it was our anniversary I'll go get my present for you in at gingers I hid it there so you wouldn't find it and I know you think I forgot about it but I swear I didn't it's really at gingers house bye I love you." Kristin says as she kisses Luke on the lips and smiles while she goes through the front door to get in the car.

"Kristin! Wait you forgot your keys, here you go" Luke says as he passes her the keys and goes out to the back of the yard to get his things and says "hey can I come with you then we can exchange gifts at gingers house and this way you won't have to make two trips because we can just go to the store after we are at gingers right honey"

"Right" Kristin says to Luke while feeling terrified because she doesn't actually have a gift for him yet but she can't let him know that.

Kristin and Luke get in the car and start the car but it doesn't work and Kristin says "why won't this stupid car work? Luke this is all your fault you didn't want us to get a new car and now we are going to miss gingers party and it's all your fault!"

"Woah Kristin, I didn't think we were going to get in a situation like this because if I did we would have got that new car and plus we can always get some one to drive us there just calm down its going to be okay and we are going to make it to the party I swear to you" Luke says while looking very frustrated and mad at Kristin for blaming it all on him.

"Let's go and talk to Brad and see if he will drive us to gingers and all the other places because we don't have enough money to get a cab okay" Kristin says to Luke as they get out of the car to go to their neighbours Brad and Milly to see if they will drive them.

"Hey Brad where's Milly at Thai time of the day she's usually out tending to the gardens" Kristin asked Brad

"Ya she usually is but I'm afraid that me and Milly had our disagreements last night and she went to spend the night with her mom." Brad says sadly

"Oh my gosh I'm sorry about that Brad why don't you take your mind off things and maybe drive us to gingers and a few other places today our car broke down and we really need you help" Kristin says to Brad in a soft kinda way.

"That's sounds like a great idea and it would make my day a whole lot better being with you two, you guys always cheer me up!" Brad says with excitement in his face.

"I'm may I say something? I think Brad is a little to you know old to drive us all those places you know?" Luke says in a questionably tone.

"Luke!!" Kristin shouts at Luke for saying something that he clearly shouldn't have.

"Luke I'm only 59 and if you think I can't handle driving a few places why don't you find someone who is younger then me, why come here in the first place of you think I'm to old to drive huh?" Brad says while you can see his face turn red with all the tension.

"I'm sorry Brad Luke should have been more considerate of your situation and I'm just kinda not myself today and I may have got him a little angry with me a few hours ago so sorry" Kristin says trying to apologize for Luke's rude comment as she nudges Luke with her elbow to say something.

"Ya I'm so sorry I shouldn't have said anything and I don't think that your to old to drive us I just think I need to take some minutes to cool down and again I'm so so sorry I don't usually say things like that" Luke says to Brad while he is still mad at Kristin for the weird way she was acting the last couple of days.

"So will you still drive us?" Kristin asks Brad.

"I can't see why not" Brad replies.

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