"What's going on here I can't believe this at all"


6. chapter six

The next day

"Guys wake up I hear someone!" Luke tells Kristin and Brad while trying to get the peoples outside the hole to notice us stuck in it.

"Help! Help! Help! Please help us!" Kristin shouts out but no one hears her and she shouts that again and again but still no one hears her.

Suddenly a kid about 8-9 years old walks up to the hole and looks down "help we are down here!" Brad shouts to the little boy and the little boy runs away.

"Dang it why didn't he help us, why?" Luke asks himself.

"Maybe he is gone to get his mother or something you know he is only a little kid Luke" Kristin points out to Luke.

"I'm starved is there anything to eat in the car Brad?" Luke asks Brad.

"Check in the trunk that's if we still have one that is" Brad replies to Luke.

"Umm guys there is a lady looking down at us! Help! Help! Please help us please!" Kristin protested

"Help is on it's way and how long have you been down there for?" The lady asked us.

"thank you and 1 and a half day" Luke replies to the lady.

"What's your names" the lady asked us.

"Luke" Luke answers.

"Kristin" Kristin answers.

"Brad" Brad answers.

"What's yours?" Luke asked the lady.

"Linda" Linda replied

Suddenly we heard a loud noise coming from outside of the hole. It's a big truck.

"Nice to meet you Linda and again thank you for helping us" Kristin says to Linda.

"Your welcome" Linda replies to Kristin.


"Hey you people call for help?" The truck driver asks.

"Yes oh my god yes we did thank you so much!!!" Luke replies to the truck driver.

"Well I can help you just give me a second" the truck driver says.

"Here grab ahold of this rope but only one of you at a time because I don't know if this rope is strong enough for all of you." The truck driver says to Kristin Brad and Luke.

Luke, Brad, and Kristin all hold on to the rope one at a time and get to pulled to the top of the hole.

"Thank you so much sir" Kristin reels the truck driver after all of them are pulled up as the truck driver drives away from them.


"We need to go and pay our respects for Milly but first we need to find out who did this and when we do we are going to kill them just like they killed my wife but more brutally then ever!" Brad tells them with anger and revenge in his thoughts.

"Brad I know your mad but it's not our job to find this person, it's the polices job and you know that, we can't get ourselves into trouble with the authorities" Luke tells Brad in a firm voice.

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