"What's going on here I can't believe this at all"


1. chapter one

"Luke wait up!" Kristin says

"What's your problem?" He says.

"I didn't mean too he kissed me I didn't kiss him back I swear".

"Oh well I guess I should just forgive you and let the whole thing go like it never happened is that it?!"

"No I didn't say you even should but I thought that you would understand you know because remember the time you and Sam were just in the boxing gym last month and I caught you and you said she didn't know what she was doing and it was nothing but you can't forgive me for one kiss I didn't even try to do Luke get over yourself!!!".

"I'm sorry I didn't think it was like that I shouldn't have said all those things and I should've just trusted you from the beginning I'm sorry Kristin"

"Luke I can't do this anymore......" Kristin says.

"Luke stop it!" Kristin says as Luke started to kiss her neck to make her stop talking and shoves her up against a building and kisses her harshly.

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