"What's going on here I can't believe this at all"


4. chapter four

"Luke I found you" Kristin replies to Luke.

"Ya I know where is Brad!" Luke says to Kristin in a loud tone so if Brad could hear him he would answer back but he didn't.

"Luke I think I found him!" Kristin says to Luke as she points at the body and turning on a flashlight she was looking at in Brads car.

"Oh my god is he alive or dead?" Luke replies to Kristin in a screaming voice.

"I don't know but it doesn't look good at all Luke" Kristin replies to Luke as they both stare at Brads body in sadness and shamefulness.

"What did we fall in?" Luke said to Kristin.

"I don't know for sure but I think we got caught in a sinkhole" Kristin says in a sad tone.

"Oh my god these things could go unnoticed for days, weeks, months I mean we went into a wrong turn and into a sinkhole what are we going to do now?" Luke says to Kristin.

"We should try and find a way out. Oh do you by any chance have any bars on your phone Luke?" Kristin asks Luke.

"Good idea! I'll check. Umm umm no I have no bars at all this isn't good." Luke replies to Kristin.

"No it's really not we could be stuck here for the rest of our lives and if we do it won't be long before we die anyway but still I want to go home to my family, friends, and my life I want my life back" Kristin says to nobody in particular just to herself.

"Kristin there was something I was going to ask you before we got in here and I was going to say it at gingers house but I guess if we ever get out of here I should say it now umm this is harder then I thought it would be umm will you please give me the honour of being my wife?"Luke asks Kristin.

"Oh my god this is what you say to me in our time of need?, this is all you have to say?"Kristin replies to Luke.

"Well I just thought that..." Luke replies but Kristin cuts him off.

"I'm kidding of course I'll marry you Luke" Kristin replies with excitement.

"Umm could I come maybe?" Brad says to Kristin and Luke.

"oh my god your alive! And yes of course you can come it will be so amazing I can picture it in my head right now with all the flowers and in a big fancy church with all white and black things everywhere!" Kristin replies feeling very happy but then she calms herself and gets very depressed.

"What's wrong Kristin I thought you were happy with all this getting married stuff?" Luke asks Kristin.

"Oh I am happy about that it's just that........what if we never get out of here what if we never get married what if our child will never be born or our chill will never know his or her own parents" Kristin replies crying.

"Wait what did you say?, we have a child?" Luke replies in a questionably tone.

"Oh well you see I was going to tell you tomorrow that I'm pregnant Luke and it makes this a whole lot worse on me" Kristin replies.

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