Hey There Delilah

Delilah was a sophomore in high school when everything changed for her. She was always shy and socially awkward and believed that love was something built for pretty people until one day a new student comes to school and tries to heal her heart broken by her past. As the two fall for each other, they learn more and more about each other making their love grow stronger. But will they have the guts to tell each other how they really feel?


2. Chapter 2

    The final bell of the day and everyone stood and quickly shuffled out of the classroom. I was about to leave when Auzra grabbed my shoulder causing me to turn around.


    “Who’s the new kid?! You’ve GOT to introduce me to him!!” She said with a little too much excitement for a girl who always gets the guy. I sighed and rolled my eyes and was about to answer when the Mr. Crethmore interuppted.


    “Hey, Delilah do you have a minute?” he said in his very serious voice like he always has. Even when he’s telling a joke. Delilah’s face turned red and Auzra looked down.


    “I’ll meet you outside,” She said before rushing out. Delilah sighed and walked up to Mr. Crethmore’s desk.


    “Yes, sir?” Delilah said. Her voice was shakey and her palms were already getting sweaty. She’s never been in trouble before. Suddenly a million of thoughts were racing through her head. What if this was because I was late? What if I got a bad marking? What if I’m failing all my classes and now I have to go back to kindergarden?!


    “You see Delilah-” He started before Delilah interrupted.


    “I’m sorry for whatever I did please don’t send me back to kindergardn!!!” She blurted out as she lowered her head. Mr. Crethmore looked at her for a second before he burst out laughing. Delilah looked at him confused. This was definitely the first time she’s ever heard him laugh.


    “Delilah, you are really something special. That’s exactly what’s happening right now. You have the highest marks in your grade! We have nothing left to offer you in this level of education. We are advancing you to the junior level classes.” He said, his voice was far from serious in fact he actually sounded quite pleasant. Delilah felt her heart drop and a huge smile spread across her face.


    “Are you serious?” She said. Mr. Crethmore smiled and nodded. Delilah squealed with joy and jumped up and hugged her teacher. “Thank you so much! I won’t let you down I swear!” She ran out the door and met up with Auzra and squealed more and hugged her. Auzra looked at her friend funny and started to laugh.


    “Wow you’re acting like you just got laid,” Auzra said laughing. Delilah cringed and punched Auzra.


    “No!! I was advanced to junior classes!!” Delilah said. Auzra rolled her eyes.


    “You are such a nerd!” She said. Delilah laughed and they both headed out the door to Auzra’s house. They were talking and laughing until they got to Auzra’s house. Auzra headed inside and Delilah kept walking to her house. When she got to her house she noticed a moving van in front of the house right next to hers. She walked into her house and hugged her dad who was sitting in his chair watching television. Her dad smiled and hugged her back.


    “How was school hunny,” He asked in a raspy voice.


    “It was good. Hey do you know who’s moving in next door?” She asked. Her dad looked out the window and nodded.


    “Yea, it’s the Matthews. They have a son about your age I think. Anyways, wanna make them some of your oh so famous cupcakes and bring it to them to welcome them to the neighborhood?” He said. Delilah smiled and went into the kitchen and started making the cupcakes. When she put them in the oven, she went over to her dad, kissed him on the cheek and headed upstairs to her room. She layed on her bed and opened her laptop and checked everything. When she finally got to her wattpad, she smiled when she saw a message. She opened her inbox and clicked on it and read it to herself.




Hey there, just wanted to say that I’m in love with your stories. They are all so real and lively. They make me feel that you would be just as lively




    Delilah smiled and blushed. She sat there for fifteen minutes just trying to figure out how to respond. She contemplated between being sophisticated but spunky or something else. In the end she came up with something she would’ve said to someone in person.


Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me! But trust me, I’m not as great as my characters are. But I have a friend who is really great! I could give her your wattpad name and tell her to message you!! ^..^


~Delilah <3


    The beeping of the oven sounded throughout the house and she quickly got up and ran downstairs to the kitchen. When she got there she saw her dad taking them out of the oven and trying to sneak on. Delilah laughed causing him to turn around with a cupcake in his mouth.


    “Yea I see you there mister!” She said and walked in taking the rest of the cupcakes. She pulled out one more and gave it to her dad. He smiled.


    “You are too sweet for your own good,” He said as he kissed the top of her head and took the other cupcake to the living room and sat back down in his chair. Delilah quickly made the frosting and frosted the cupcakes before putting them into a container and heading out the door to deliver them to the Matthews. When she got there she rang the doorbell and waited a few seconds. Before she knew it she was face to face with no one other than Dominick. Delilah blushed and froze. Dominick must have had the same reaction because he wasn’t doing a thing either. Suddenly a gorgeous woman peaked her head out the door.


    “Who is it, Dominique?” She asked. She looked at me and smiled. “Oh you must be Delilah Powell!” She said causing both Delilah and Dominick to look at her.


    “You know her?” He said, surprising Delilah. The woman shook her head.


    “No but I know Mr. Powell. He was very kind in helping us move this morning while you were at school. He talked a great deal about you Delilah. You really seem like a wonderful girl!” She said. Delilah blushed and smiled at the ground. Dominique looked at her and blushed.


    “Oh, uhm these are for you guys! As a welcome gift to the neighborhood!” Delilah said with a smile as she handed Dominick the cupcakes. He looked at them and smiled.


    “Thanks they look really good,” Dominick said in the sweetest voice. Delilah nodded and headed across their lawn to her house.

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