the story of raven. the supernatural girl

a girl named raven lost her mom in an house fire. her, her dad, and brother live on the road. their farther training them to be soldiers. raven leaves a goes to collage. but when her brother dean comes to the campse in need of her help to find their missing farther. they have to fight though different monsters, demons, and ghost to find him.
The co-authors are @melody the killer, @aza Harris, @wolf lover

Please check out there other stories!! They are all really great writers!!! Now let's continue raven's story...


4. the yellow-eyed man is here

Dean and I geared up after supper and was ready to take on the demon. We will have to cast it out of the body. Let me explain. A demon has to use humans as meat suits and they use humans to talk to people. If they don't use a human meat suit then they are a big, black cloud of smoke. They can possess you with out permission, unlike angles where you have to give permission. So to rid the body of the demon, we have to say some things in Latin. Now back to our adventure.

"Got everything?" said Dean.

"Yeah, I think so at least. I'll go and make the devil's trap." I replied.

"Good idea. Think we could make it mad then come here?" Dean said.

"No let's not make it mad. Let's lead it here and we can do it that way."


We headed to the hotel found the demon, and when it saw me it smiled.

"Why, hello Raven. How are you?" said the demon.

"Yellow-eyed man." Dean said.

I stood there in fear. This demon killed our mom. We need to kill him. I raise my gun and I start chanting in Latin. He doesn't flinch. "What...?" I say confused.

He raises his hand and flings Dean and I across the room on the wall. We struggle to get free. I focus hard on the demon, my heart pounding hard in my chest. I lift up the man and he is held against the wall. I fall down off the wall. I start to punch the man. The demon escapes and Dean gets down shocked. He looks at me like I am a monster. I look down ashamed.

"Raven, how long have you been able to do that?" Dean asked.

"About a month." This is going to take a long time to explain to him.


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