the story of raven. the supernatural girl

a girl named raven lost her mom in an house fire. her, her dad, and brother live on the road. their farther training them to be soldiers. raven leaves a goes to collage. but when her brother dean comes to the campse in need of her help to find their missing farther. they have to fight though different monsters, demons, and ghost to find him.
The co-authors are @melody the killer, @aza Harris, @wolf lover

Please check out there other stories!! They are all really great writers!!! Now let's continue raven's story...


5. authors note

  hey guys this is raven and I want to give you a heads up about my writeing next week. I wont be able to do daily chapters so I will try to do it this week. so comment down below and I am thinking about co-authors. if you want to try and do co-author with me then comment below. we will descuss and I will let you know shortly.


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