Elsa from frozen has another story to tell. The boy in the forest is haunting her. She doesn't know who he is, he doesn't know who he is... in fact no-one knows who he is.


2. Greetings

We struggled all the way to the castle. Ronan was had strong muscular arms which he had around my neck, he could barely keep himself up. "How long have you been there?" I asked him ,struggling, he shivered and told me "Erm... I think for a day or two, I don't know. I've lost all track of the time and day" I nodded. We had to go to the main gate because I couldn't hold him and make  a stair case. Another thing is he might slip and hurt himself. Ronan had black coloured hair which was shortly cut. He dropped to the ground. We were so close to the gate, "Let me have a second..." I stood over him. "Why were you out there?" he shook his head. "I can't remember, sorry. What is your name?" he asked me sincerely. I looked at him, "Elsa". He smiled, "Nice name..." He held himself up and we walked again. He had regained some of his energy and I was there for support. His clothes looked as though he had been in a fire, there were holes in the were it was scorched and burned. We were in the town now and the market was on, everyone was silent as they watched me struggle with the man. "Elsa!" I heard Anna shout to me. Someone took the other side, it was Kristoff. Kristoff took Ronan off my shoulder and without saying anything, he marched off to the castle. I know noticed that he was half conscious. Anna, Kristoff and I rushed off to get him medical health.


We laid him in one of the many spare rooms. His eyes were now closed and I hovered around the room while Kia was telling me off. I wasn't listening to him. "You could have got seriously hurt Your Majesty. He could have been a trap and there were rogues... What were you thinking?!"

"Well, that didn't happen and I'm alive and I have saved a life."

"This is-" I hushed him as the doctor got up and walked to me. "He will be okay, once he has some rest. He seems to be suffering from amnesia. I'm sorry, there is nothing that I can do... Excuse me Your Majesty" He swept out of the room. There was a silence in the room. Ronan grunted and woke up. He looked around at everyone scared. I walked forward, he calmed down. He tried to get up. "Stay down, rest..."

"Where am I Elsa?" He asked me scared. "Don't talk to the Queen like that! You talk to her with Your Majesty or Queen Elsa!" Kia told Ronan off. I looked at Kia with evil-eye. "That will do Kia..." I smiled at Ronan. "Your Majesty, I'm sorry I didn't know, I didn't understand..." I sighed. I sat on the bed next to him, "Do you remember where you're from?" he shook his head ashamed. "How old are you?" I questioned. Ronan looked like his was forcing a thought out, he looked determined and then he smiled. "I'm twenty-two!" He was only a year older than me. I smiled, he seemed so happy to know that. The questioning continued with Kia, taking the lead. Kia got more and more frustrated. "Kia, please will you stop it. If he doesn't know, he doesn't know!" I shouted to him. There was a silence and then he apologised and left the room. My sister looked at me in shock but Kristoff looked at me with curiosity. Kristoff pulled Anna's arm and left the room. It was just us, Ronan and I. I smiled at him, I didn't know what to say. "It's strange isn't it? I mean I can't remember nearly everything, but I still knew that a queen was someone who is important. Your Majesty, why didn't you tell me?"  he inquired. I strolled over to the balcony and I shrugged my shoulders. "I wanted to be treated normally for once. You know, well you don't but, yeah" I cringed to myself, I was facing the other way so he didn't see myself burn up. He chuckled, and my heart fluttered. I went red even more, did my heart just do that? I crossed my arms, conceal, don't feel. I felt someone behind me. "I'll treat you normally if you want to... Your Majesty" we giggled to ourselves. He stood next to me, we stood there together, looking into the scenery.  Happiness erupted in my body.Stop it, stop it, I told myself. I uncrossed my arms and let them hang, they brushed against Ronans hand. We retracted our hands and we smiled nervously to each other. "You should be resting" I said guiding him to the bed. "I'll go..." he looked as if he was going to say something, but he left the thought alone and I strutted out of the room. I slowly closed the door and I took a deep breath, I felt I could finally breath even though I didn't notice it.

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