Being Liam Payne's sisters

You may think being sisters with Liam Payne would be easy but you dont know the word to describe easy the Payne twins Millie and Katelyn go through alot because of there famous brother


5. bonding

Liam's POV

'Really millie what was that for' i laughed

'I was told 7:30 not 7:00 you disturbed my slumber' she groaned

'Not much difference really well not for me anyway' i said

'Your famous your used to getting up early and having about 15 minutes slumber' she replied

'Yeah but im home now and you know i dont like you calling me famous' i said

'Well if it annoys you better carry on with it seems as when we argue its the only time we speak to be honest' she said quietly

'Look im going to jump in my bed and you go back too sleep for a bit but make sure you are ready for 8:30 tonight the next few days is just gonna be about you and me'I said walking out the room

'Is this the thing katelyn was moaning to me about saying its not good for me and she was saying it was silly' she questioned me

'Oh my fucking god really she moaned about that im sorry but I have realised not speaking too you much while i was on tour that its hard not having speaking too you like your my sister too i know we have that brother sister relationship where we say we hate eachother but i do love you as much as katelyn, and frankly i really couldn't care what she says about this' I said pissed off with katelyn

'Well jesus Liam this isn't a speech at my funeral god and i know whatever it is please please please let it not be a chilled out night watching films because frankly i would rather sit there and watch paint dry because thats what its going to be like anyway' she replied with a moaning tone

'Look i think i know the difference between you and Katelyn shes the lazy quiet one who would much rather be at home. And you well how could i describe you... The rebel child out of all 3 of us the one who don't listen to mum and dad and just does what she wants' I say with a grin on my face

'Yep thats pretty much me and thats who i am and no older brother or my twin sister is gonna tell me what I'm going to do' she replied back sassily

'Oh shut it you look im actually going to sleep now the rest of the lads are sleeping on the sofa, yes which means louis here and he's going o be for the rest of the break' i said

'Oooooo LOUIS YESS LIAM THATS GOING TO VE THE BEST THING I WAKE UP TOO THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU and yeah go back to sleep MR famous and piss off out my room' she whisper shouted

'Shut up calling me famous see you when you wake up' i said walking out the room

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