A story unlike any other, more dream than reality. Josh a some-what nerdy kid with a talent for mechanics and guns but everything changes when he meets a girl.


1. New chapter

All I remember is feeling as light as a feather and someone standing over me "he's not rejecting the change, that's a good sign for our side that is," one of the dark figures said "how are going to get him to outpost Charlie without being seen," the other said "now that's the fun part we aren't bringing him he'll find us."

"Hey Lexi," "ya" "I found this in a dumpster it's like a flat-space technology, come outside I want to show you this." "Ok, now watch how if you put this up to the side of your head it does this" I put it in the side of my head from my ear to my chin I pressed a button on the side and in a fraction of a second it was a black speed bike helmet "see isn't this cool I wonder if someone put a bike it something like this. I'll keep looking around, see ya," "bye"

I looked in every dumpster around the school and didn't find anything the only one I didn't look in is the robotics dumpster right outside the classroom garage door, so willing to take my chances I started looking anyway. After a about 15 minutes I found something interesting a black ring that had button on the side so me being so curios I pressed the button (outside of the dumpster of course) and what do you know a motorcycle it's amazing how this stuff works as I got on the bike the helmet on and drove to my house but stopped at a station to fill up the tank I looked over at a camaro SS a girl stepped out of the driver side and another on the passenger side both are very good looking, they looked at me they were like a magnet attracting everything there way, I must of set something off in them, they started walking my way, I looked straight into their eyes, a beautiful emerald and turquoise, and me being a guy I took off my leather jacket (I always wore), revealing my muscle toned arms in a sleeveless V-neck T-shirt, (what I always wear when working with mechanics), I started to fill up the tank smelling overwhelming smell of gasoline I looked over and saw one of the girls holding my helmet and the other sitting on the seat not surprised I crossed my arms over my chest "can I help you two ladies?" I said in a much more husky voice than I expected "ya if you beat us in a quarter-mile drag we will give you a special gift," "a race on this old thing I don't know if it can hold up against that camaro if you want we can," "great we go on the green light," "sounds fair, see you on the road."

After the race I gave one a ride on the back of the back right behind me the other one follow behind I took them to my house knowing that my mom was already asleep we up to my room in are giant mansion I had one of the biggest rooms in the house Amanda and Kenzie promised a gift and I don't pass up a chance when I get one but I will get something from them yet I don't know what it is.

I walked over to my bed where Kenzie was sitting, she started lifting up my shirt revealed my hard six-pack abs and chiseled chest, I lightly pushed her down lower onto my bed, I kissed her roughly pushing her deeper onto my bed as I kissed her I moved my hand from her neck to one of her boobs as I cupped one of her boobs she flipped us over unzipping my pants.


I unzipped his pants and pulled them down he slid them to the floor grabbing my ass and pulling me to him kissing my raw lips wanting more he put his cock into me thrusting heavily both of us breathing deeply "JOSHUA" Amanda shouted "you started without me"

-Hey me again here what do you think happened to josh? And what is he now? Question will be answered in the next chapter

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