Ben 10 omnivers



1. ben 10 omnivers: slammers

Some alien come to save the world.but he's not alone he have he's have a's gwen,raph,and kevin.he has a watch.but its not a watch its alien watch

"Uncle come on faster." Say ben cant wait."okay just left 3 minute."says uncle max.and then some alien just broke the way."hey why the humpy dumpy broke the way.?" Ben make a joke."i think this my job."ben said.and he change to be ARMADILLO."come on baby."say armadilo to myghty.myghty fight ben.and ben fight myghty."uncle we must go."gwen shout."no we can't leave ben like this."said uncle max."but he a hero" said rungby."no we cant leave ben."raph said."i dont wanna lose ben again."said raph next."well than go helph ben."said uncle max smile.raph go out from karavan."ben!."raph shout."raph what do you do here."ben said."because i want lose you again."raph said ben pull myghty until down.and then ben go to raph."thank buddy you are my best freind ever."said ben."uh,ben we shuld huge later because myghty its be big."raph say."come on buddy we must get him down."said ben."uncle myghty be big."said rungby."come on rungby help me , i have poision for myghty to be small."said rigby."are you insane look myghty its so big and then we small how we get the pision for him." Said rungby."we must say ben."said rigby."ben!"rigby shout."can you help me to go up there said rigby.and he hand point to myghty mouth."ok."said ben.ben just like monkey because he just climb the skin of myghty."come on faster."said ben."okay."said rigby.and the the poison is work.myghty be so small."yey we did it.!"said rigby."we destroy the monster."said uncle max."horrayy.!"everybody shout because ben,raph,and the snailizes beat the monster







Author: raynald wira fadillah putra

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