Angela had her heart broken before and it was horrible. She built walls up around her, everywhere to block people out. She only let her best friend, Rai, in. One night Rai drags her to a One Direction concert and meets the whole band.
3 months later Angela and Rai compete in a karaoke contest. Despite all of Angela's attempts Rai shoves her on stage and she is forced to sing. Even though, she hasn't sung in six years. When Angela and Rai sing One Direction walks in and insists that they go on tour with them.
On the tour Angela does something remarkable; She falls in love. 3 out of the 5 boys in the band fall in love with her! Who will she choose? Will that person break her heart? Will he mend it back together? Read this story and find out!
Rai has always been in love with Niall Horan. Even though, he has a girlfriend. When he falls for her too, what will happen? What happens when somebody from the band falls in love with her too?! These questions will all be answered! Just read!!!!!!!


5. My Fight With Zayn Malik

     *Angela's P.O.V.*

     Zayn comes around the corner and finds my hiding place. I'm only playing Candy Crush, so he's not missing anything. He holds back a laugh and walks over to sit by me. I don't even bother to glance over to him. 

     "Rai sent you, didn't she?" I ask, shrugging.

     "How'd you know?" He asks, shocked.

     "I'm a mind reader," I joke, looking up at him. Right now I'm making sure to shut down my feelings, because he'll just end up hurting me like Johnny. When his eyes widen I fake laugh. "I'm just kidding. Gosh. I know because she is too obsessed with What's-His-Face and is probably going ga-ga for him at this moment." I give a big fake smile.

     "You don't have to act like that for me, you know. I can see the flatness in your eyes when you talk and I know that you are lying. You don't even have to act all tough around me, when I know you really aren't," he says to me.

     "What are you talking about?" I sputter.

     "I'm talking about this whole tough girl act," he says, gently.

     "Wow, it's been about five minutes and you've already judged me and made me want to seriously hurt all of you. Congratulations. That's a new record," I give him a big goofy smile that's so big it hurts.

     "Stop," he says. "You're killing me." I turn back to my phone and start playing Candy Crush again. He keeps blabbering on and on about something, but I've already zoned him out. Before I know it, he grabs my phone out of my hand and waves it above his head.

     "Hey!" I yell. "What the actual frex?! Give it back!"

     "Nope," he responds. I then full-on tackle  Zayn Malik. We wrestle for a little bit and then I pin him to the floor.

     "Give. Me. My. Frexing. Cell phone. Before you loose an arm," I say through gritted teeth.

     "I don't know where it went," he lies. He shrugs his shoulders, making me hate him even more. I let my guard down for a mili-second to look at the ground to see if he dropped it. He then flips us over, so he's on top and he pins my arms down. He's sitting on my torso. I attempt to kick him, but my tiny legs can't reach him.

     "Get off of me," I shout while trying to buck him off of me. I'm not strong enough to, though and he weighs at least 40 more pounds than I do.

     "Come back into the room with me. Then I'll give you your cell phone back at the end of the time you have o meet us," he tries to negotiate.

     "Or, you could get off of me, hand me my phone, look away while I make a run for it, and then act like nothing ever happened and go back to breaking innocent girls' hearts." I grin up at him.

     "My deal or I sit on you and crack your phone."


     "Fine, now you have to promise me that you'll go back to the room with me."

    "Whatever, I promise." He gives me a quizzical look, but then gets up. He offers me a hand with a big cheesy smile, but I just shake my head no and get up by myself. Johnny used to do that for me and I'm never falling in love again. I'm not going to go down that rode again.

    "I-I don't understand. What was the point of that?" He grumbles to himself. I start walking back towards the room and I hear Zayn's footsteps fall behind me. He catches up to me. I then take out my iPod and put my earbuds in. He looks at me like I'm crazy, but I shrug my shoulders and smirk at him. He never banned me from listening to music.

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