Character Store

Ok, I had the idea to do like a Cover Store but for characters. So basically you give us a description of your character, and we’ll draw it as best as we can!
Please see our fantastic collection of Artists to choose from!


49. Important Update

Hi and welcome back guys!

So I have some good news, we have a wonderful new artist on our team, so please welcome the fantastically talented ChelberNo1!

Also, because of this we are also reopening the Character Store.

Now, due to losing a lot of the information I had stored, name changes and departure of users, and blatant forgetfulness on my part, I have decided to wipe the board clean and start again from scratch with the requests. So if you'd already posted a request and you'd still like it done, please resubmit it, and if you're new, or want another character drawn, just follow the usual steps. 

Also I am no longer taking a waiting list more than 3 people long, so please bear that in mind when you request an artist.

Chelber shall be putting an example piece in Chapter Two soon.

All the best and I hope to see your requests in the future.


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