My Bieber

Alison Kerr has finally found the love of her life, but can fame and fortune ruin this perfect love story?


6. She's Gone...


As I awake I realize that Ally is still asleep. I grab my phone and check the time. 


Ugh. It's way to early and when Ally wakes up I'm just going to have to explain to her what happened the other day with Selena. I'm honestly not in the mood.
I get up and get dressed into a pair of white jeans with a white T-shirt, black hooded jacket and a pair of black ADIDAS high tops before heading off to the studio. 
As I walk out the door, there's paparazzi everywhere and beliebers standing at the gate crying holding big posters saying things like 'Come Home, Justin!' 

"Huh?" I say to myself, confused by the signs and why there are so many people here this early of a morning.

"Justin! Justin! May we ask a few questions!?" A paparazzi asks.

I accept. Maybe I can find out answers as well? 


"Is it true that you got arrested last night because you hit Alison Kerr?!" He said.

"WHAT!? Is that actually the new rumour!?" I say, gob smacked.

"Yes, I'm guessing it's not true!?" He replies.

"No way! That's crazy, if I was arrested last night, I wouldn't be here and Alison wouldn't be inside my house asleep. Listen, I gotta go." I said as I walked over to my car and continued my way to the studio.

I called Scooter to tell him about the new rumour and he told me to stay humble and calm.

As I got out of the car and walked into the studio the paparazzi began shouting things out to me.

"Woman basher!!" 
"You should go to hell, Bieber!"
"You're a disgrace to the human race!" 
"Alison deserves better than you, woman basher!!!"

I just kept replaying what Scooter had told me just moments before, but it's just so hard. Considering the new thing is about me hitting someone, I decided to let it slip this time and ignore why they were saying, rather than knocking them out. 

I walked into the room where Usher was recording and told him I needed someone to talk to. I began to cry. It was just one of those days, where being famous has gotten to me and Usher always knew what to say to help me get passed it. 

"Man, you know, you have your days. Fame can be the worse thing in the world, but other days, it can be the best. You just need to make it about you, your family and those around you who care. Ignore what a couple paps say and just think about what the people that support you, have to say. Don't let the bad out weigh the good. Stay strong man, you have a bright future ahead of you, you're at the top, don't fall off that ledge now!" Usher said, giving me a supportive hug. 

"Thanks bro, I needed that." 

"Now, help me record this track, eh? I need some inspiration." 

A couple hours went by and I helped Usher finish his new track while we started a brand new one together.

I hopped on twitter for a bit and decided to let my beliebers know how things were going. 

@justinbieber: not everything you hear through the media is true dont believe it all.

@justinbieber: I'm not a woman basher. I hate violence against women.

@justinbieber: makin new music with @UsherRaymondIV 

@justinbieber: luv u beliebers. Thnx so much for ur unconditional support. 

@justinbieber: things are looking up :)


I decided to tell Ally the full story about what happened the other day. She told me that she completely understood and now that she knows the truth, she isn't at all bugged about it. I thought that was great, but since I told her, she hasn't said anything to me, I've tried talking to her, but she just locked herself in my room and ignored me. 
Scooter, Alfredo, Alison Kaye, Ryan Good and Kenny were all coming to Stratford tonight, as they didn't come with Ally and I, they decided to give us some time alone with Ally and my grandparents. This will be the first time Ally has met Ryan and Alison and I don't want us to be fighting when they come.

"Al?" I said, my voice was hoarse and croaky.

"What?" She replied, stubbornly.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked with a soft voice, showing that I was ready to listen to whatever problems she had, even if it required me getting yelled at.

"Nothing." That was all she said.

"Stop lying, Al. I know that there's something wrong, and it was all since I told you about what happened with Selena? Are you sure you're okay with it?" 

"It's fine, I'm fine, everything fine. Just leave me alone." 

"No." I said back to her instantly causing her to look at me with confusion all over her face.

"What?" She was confused by the tone in my voice.

"I said, no. Not until you tell me what's wrong." 

"Justin, drop it. It's none of your business." She looked at me sternly as if to intimidate me and make me stop.

"No. I'm not going to Ally. Tell me what's wrong!?" I was getting frustrated. 

"Justin! Drop. It. I'm not going to tell you, there's nothing wrong, FORGET IT." Her eyes went dark, whatever it was that's bugging her, is really making her mad.

"Fine, whatever." I sighed and turned my back to her so that she knew I was mad at her. I just opened my phone and went on Instagram and twitter to fill in time.

"Ally, I'm going out," I whispered, but loudly so that she would hear it clearly. "Oh, and by the way, Scooter, Kenny, Alison and Ryan are getting here tonight, so if you aren't happy by then, can you please pretend to be as it will be the first time you've met Alison and Ryan." I continued before I went to walk out the door, but I was stopped.

"You know what, Justin!? You need to back off! You have no idea what's going on! I can't just 'pretend' to be happy!! It's harder than you think!" Ally shouted at me.

"I've tried to find out Ally, I asked you numerous times and you just shut me out and told me to leave you alone! Perhaps I would know and would be able to do something to help you, but no, because you're too stubborn to let me in!" I yelled back at her, I was irritated, I was annoyed and I was hurt. 
She wouldn't tell me what was wrong, then all of a sudden she has the nerve to yell at me for it? Ha.

"There's nothing you can do to help this situation, Justin! No one can!! It's done! She's gone and there's nothing anyone can do to change that!!!" Tears began streaming down her face, her knees went weak and she fell to the ground and curled herself into a ball.

Wait, what did she mean by "she's gone"

"Ally, what do you mean by "she's gone"?" I asked, slowly walking towards her.

"She's gone, Justin. Forever. I didn't even get to say goodbye. Just like that." Her cries even louder than before.


Justin had just explained what e other day. I wish I hadn't gotten so mad now over nothing.

*beep beep* 
I had just gotten a text message from my brother, Derek. 
I haven't spoken to him since I left, so it's good to see that he's texted me. 

To: Sis xx
From: Derbro 

Hey, Al. How's things been in Canada? Things are all wrong here and I need to get away. Pls txt back ASAP it's important? 

That didn't sound promising.

To: Derbro
From: Sis xx

Things are great here. What about mom? You can't leave her? x

To: Sis xx
From: Derbro
Ally... Moms left us already. I need you

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