It Was All A Cruel Joke


1. The Day

I entered the doors of my new school. I was checking my schedule, just as i suspected,i had physical education,which i hate.Wow,theres so many hot guys in this school, I thought as i walked through the crowded hallways. I saw my friends waving across the other side, oh and by the way im gay. "Brandon, OVER HERE"! Catherine shouted,"Guess what?!" she questioned me, "What"? i answered,"your not the only guy who is different" she said as she pointed to a guy that stood over that standing talking to a teacher. "He doesnt look gay Katy" i said"He's not gay, He is bisexual" as soon as she said that i knew i could get a boyfriend this year. "Whats his name"? I said "Alan" she answered

"Alan Reyes"

End of chapter 2

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