the floods

Jake is the average farm boy who loves his dog bobbie. when bobbie leaves the house there will be know coming back for jake and bobbie and they have to survive homeless in the scary time of the flooding


1. 2 eggs for the morning

The trees were swaying as the gusts of wind rippled through them. I walked back with my dog Bobbie to the farm were i lived. I heard the distant neighing from our horses Daisy, Anna and Luke. I saw the small hand of my mum waving in the background and decided to hurry up and started a jog. When i got in Bobbie went to join our two other dogs Mark and Annabel and I went to get there food. "Did Bobbie get out again dear" my mum said coming down the stairs "yeah I replied. I put the dog food on the floor and was rudely nudged out of the way my Mark who loved eating his food. I took my school bag off my back and chucked it beside the stairs up to the bedrooms. The front door banged and my dad walked in, he was a tall sturdy man and he normally wore overalls as he worked in our farm all day. His wellies were muddy as usual so he took them of and walked in with superman socks on. When my mum went to give him a hug she looked quite small compared to my dad with a tied up brown ponytail a short apron and the kind of dark red dress you would find in the wild west. As my mum is a housewife she spends a lot of time at home baking bread and making all kinds of bakery for shops but it goes under the name of my dads farm industry. My mum relies on my dad the most because if he does a good job at sheering sheep the farm industry does well and makes money. "You alright Jake" My dad asked in a weird happy way. (He is normally quite tired after a hard day's work)  "I am fine dad" I replied " so what makes you so happy today. "oh that" he said as if he was always happy "guess what we got 20 eggs from the chickens today" A big grin appeared on my face as i thought to myself that means two eggs in the morning for me!  


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