Best Friends?

Rebecca Lockwood, best friend of Damian Coltman. Rebecca's in love with him, she's been in love with him ever since they were little but Damian's too oblivious to notice, or is he?


19. Chapter 18

I woke up and my whole body was sore. I turned around to see Damian laying peacefully sleeping.

'Stop staring.' He murmured and I chuckled, turning my body to the other side where my clock was seated on my bedside table.


'Shit!' Damian looked at me 'What?' He asked. 'Its already 10:30.' I said. 'Don't worry, we can skip a day.' He said rubbing my hand softly which made me a little calm. I took my phone on the bedside table and saw that I got multiple text messages from my friends.


'Where are you?'

'Are you alright?'

'Are you sick?'

'Dammit where are you Bex?'


'Are you okay?'

'Are you sick?'

'What happened?'

'Come on Bex :('


'Where are you???'




'Dude, where are you?'


'Are you alright?'

I smiled, I love my friends. They're the nicest people I know though they can e quite mean and annoying sometimes.

I took Damian's phone and took a picture of him alone and a selfie with him. Don't worry, I'm clothed.

I unlocked his phone and used the app Squaready for the picture of him and uploaded it onto his Instagram.

Suddenly his phone started buzzing like crazy.

'You guys did it!' - Kyle.

'Omg omfg omg. You guys did it! I'm so proud of my little Rebecca.' - Mere.

'Congrats, bro.' - Wren.


'Finally!' - Zoe.

'Whats that?' He asked, taking his phone away from me. He saw the picture I took of him on Instagram, 'When did you take this?' He asked. 'A couple of minutes ago.' I said and kissed him on the lips. And then he read the text messages on his iPhone, 'Our friends are creeps.' He chuckled. 'But we love them anyway.' I laughed.

He sat up and asked, 'What do you wan to do today?' He asked. 'I'm not sure.' I shrugged. 'I have an idea.' He smiled, 'get dressed now! We leave in 30 minutes.' He said as he sprinted to the guest bedroom, probably showering there.

I got up and went into my other closet, where all my ‘going out’ clothes were. I picked out a sweater under an army green coat with a pair of black jeans and white Converse.

I showered in my bathroom. After that, I put ob my clothes and applied some make up and fixed my hair. I grabbed my purse and went out to the guest bedroom to find him wearing a button up shirt and a pair of jeans and white moccasins.

'You look nice.' I complimented, 'You look great as well.' He winked, making me blush madly. After he was all done, we went downstairs.

'Do you want any breakfast?' Asked Cassidy. I looked at Damian to find him shaking his head, 'I guess we're not.' I said and with that, he took my hand and went our the doors to my GTR. 'Where the hell are we going?' I giggled. 'London.' He said calmly. 'That's 2 hours from here!' I yelled. 'Yup. We're going to explore it.' He said, and I couldn't help but smile, he was always this adventurous.

The ride was silent, the comfortable kind of silent. He held my hand a few times as he was driving. He could tell I was hungry and he smiled, 'Don't worry, we're almost there.' He smiled and I nodded.


'Finally!' Yelled, stretching my hands. We're now at this cute little cafe shop in central London. 'Have you ever been here?' I asked. 'Yeah, it's pretty nice if you ask me.' He said smiling. 'Well come on! I'm starving. You don't want me to die of hunger do you?' He chuckled. 'You my dear are not starving, you're just hungry.' He said. I rolled my eyes, 'Yeah yeah whatever. Come on, food!' I said yanking his hands. 'Tell me again why I love you.' He chuckled.

The cafe was adorable and festive as well. Much to my liking.

'Hello! May I take your order?' The waiter asked. I stared down on the menu, when something caught my eye. 'A glass of fresh orange juice and a plate of Pecan Pear Pancakes, please!' I said, grinning. 'I'll have the same, thank you.' Said Damian. 'Alright, I'll be back.' He said and went off.

My phone rang, Meredith. I rolled my eyes and answered the phone.

'Oh my god! You guys did it! I'm so proud of you!' She said, 'We all are!' Said the rest of the guys. 'Where the hell are you guys?' I asked. 'We're on the way to your place.' They said. 'I'm afraid I'm not home.' I said awkwardly. 'I'm in London.'

I sense a scream coming.

'What?!' Meredith screamed. Yeah, there it is. 'You're in London? With who?!' She asked. 'Damian.' I said awkwardly, again. 'Oh I see. Well have fun bye!' She said and Damian gave me a weird look.

'What was that all about?' He asked. 'I have no idea.'

After a few minutes, our food arrived. But it wasn't the waiter that came, this guy was wearing a fancy suit. 'Here are your orders.' He smiled. 'Miss, may I have your name please?' He asked politely. 'My name?' He nodded. 'Rebecca Lockwood.' I said. 'Oh, welcome Miss Lockwood.' He said to me with a bow as if I were royalty. 'You don't have to do that.' I said, and he shook his head. 'Do you not know this place?'

I looked at him confusedly and shook my head, 'Should I?' I questioned. 'Your father owns this cafe as well as a lot of other restaurants in London.' He said and I nodded. 'You're basically the boss of me.' He said quickly. 'I see.' I said with a nod and after that I told him to run along.

'I didn't know your parents have restaurants.' He said, 'Neither do I.'

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