Kyle and Mia

This book is about how me and Kyle met. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Anna Grace Jackson, on May 17th, 2014. This will be better when its finished.


1. First Moment

(Kyles's P.O.V)

I sat in class and Mr. Hendrickson was too busy teaching math until a knock came on the door. "Hello Mr. Hendrickson, we have a new student today." He went out into the hall to talk with the student. Finally after 5 minutes he came in but the student wouldn't budge to come in. I hope this student is a he so I can have a new best friend.


Mr. H motioned him to come in to meet everyone. The figure walked in and-! She's a girl!!!!! Her blonde hair swerved from side to side as she walked. Her eyes change from green to ocean blue. Her smile was perfect and white and looked like she already had braces. She was drop dead beautiful, the one I just had to meet.


"Hello everyone, I am a new student here at Oceanside High School. My name is Mia Brennan and I am glad I am now attending this beautiful school." Mia said and she smiled and I just kind of choked on my gum. "Thank you Miss Mia, you may have a seat where you would like." Julia pointed to a seat next to her before I could do anything. 


You just had to ruin my moment Julia, seriously. Mia will like it here at Oceanside, I can already feel it! You just wait and see, she will be the girl for me. The rest of math class was interesting because I was only focusing on Miss Mia Brennan the whole time. Julia filled her in on notes and stuff about our school.





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