Sent Away

lulu and lacie are twins that go live in England with their aunt. Who will they meet?


2. New place, new things, new friends

 Lulu POV:

     I sit quietly munching on my bacon. "Why so quiet?" My dad asks suprised. "I'm going to miss you guys" I admit, looking over to my luggage piled by the door. My dad hugs me and kisses my forehead "We will call you every day" He says. I've been teaching my mom Skype all morning. "What's the time?" Lacie asks with her perfectly straight hair flopping with her. That's our difference, I like my hair natural and wavy and she straightens it. That's how most people tell us apart. "10:01! Shoot we need to go!" My mom yells grabbing her keys. Lacie and I tug our luggage behind us to the car. My dad barely fits it all in. We all get in the car and we take off to the airport. I start to tear up and I look to my sister and see she is too. I bite my lip to stop from sobbing. She squeezes my hand. I honestly couldn't be doing this without her. She may get annoying from time to time, but she is my bestfriend. We get start to see the local Detroit airport. I squeeze her hand harder, coming to the realization I may not see my parents for months. We park and get our luggage out. My parents are holding hands and are obviously upset. Heck! We all are! 

We go through the long security line and go by our gate to London. We sit and wait with our parents. "Flight to London now arrived" A voice booms over the loud speaker. The four of us standup and I hug my mom, not able to hold in my tears. I hug my father tightly not wanting to leave his warm embrace. I look at my mother, my fathers around my shoulder. "Make sure she behaves" My mom saids to Lacie pointing at me. I fake a hurt expression as we all laugh. I wipe my eyes and we say our final good byes. Lacie grabs my hand and pulls me to the plane entrance. I turn around dramaticlly and see my mother crying on my father. I hold back the tears once again as we take our seat. "I call window seat" I said bouncing to the seat. My sister sits next to me popping in her headphones. I look out the window and notice us start to move. A single tear falls and my sister grabs my arm smiling reassuringly. "I'm already homesick." I say to my sister who pulled out one earbud. "Just try to sleep" She says turning away to get comfy. I start to doze off.



 "Lulu, babe!" Lacie yells, shaking me. So she calls me babe, it's not weird. I jolt up. We exit the plane and wait for our luggage. "I already texted Aunt Jamie. She should be here soon" Lacie says walking up to our luggage, taking them off one by one. "Is Jamie still like mega rich?" I laugh, taking hold of my suitcases. "Well duh! She is like huge in the acting world" Lace laughs. Our Aunt Jamie is an actress, she's been in so many movies and shows it's unreal. It's kinda cool having a famous aunt.  I notice Jamie walking in the crowded airport. I run to her, leaving Lacie with all the stuff. When I reach her, I give her the biggest hug ever. "It's been so long, little Lulu Flower" She says ruffiling my hair. "Wht must you call me that?" I laugh walking back to Lacie. "Would you rather your other nickname?" She smirks. "No" I laugh loudly. My other nickname is... snuffles. I know, weird. I was always sick as a kid so yeah.. 

My aunt and Lacie are catching up as we walk to her car. We put our bags in the trunk and we start to her neighborhood. "Do you still live in the famous neighborhood?" I ask hopefully. She nods and Lacie and I squeal. She lives in apart of England where all famous british stay. "Heather Mills, Holly Willoughby, Little Mix, Jude Law, Ed Sheeran" My aunt says and I squeal. I love Ed Sheeran. "Also, a few boys moved in next door but I have yet to meet them. I just hear loud yelling and laughing all the time" She says again. "Sounds like someone i'd like to meet" I laugh. 

We pull into a huge house and both Lacie and I's jaw drops. "This place has gotten bigger!" I exclaim. We get our luggage and get a better look at the outsie of the house. It has to be at least three stories high, a pond in the front with a fountain, nice bushes, a huge backyard with an extravaggant pool, and a large balcony on the house. I look at the similar house next door. A boy stands in the window, looking at me. I wave considering he must be famous because duh. He waves back and a bunvh of other peopl surrond him. I instantly feel weird. They open the window and all wave. "Hello love" A male voice yells from the window. I laugh and wave again. "Lulu" Lacies voice calls from the front door.

I look back u and seethe boy alone again. I walk in the huge house and scream. "This is perfect Aunt Jamie!" "Let me show you your room!" She says dragging me up the never ending stairs. "Third floor?" I laugh. "Yes ma'm" She says grinning. She opens a door revealing a huge room with blue colored walls and bathroom to th side. The large window has a gap where you can sit. The bed is huge and has purple blankets. I look around and see a photo of Lacie, Jamie and I. I smile and hug her. "Lacie's room is across the hall and mines downstairs" She informs me. I run to Lacie's room in awe. Her room isfairly similar to mine but her's is pink with green bed. I hug Lacie Happily.


After I finally get settled in and unpacked, I sit on my window. I open the purple curtains revealing the window the boy was once in. Instead of by the window, he's watching tv on his bed. I can see his better. I smile at the bown haired boy. He getsup to turns off his tv and notices me. He walks towads his window. He opens it, i do the same, following his lead.

"Hi" The british voice says. "Hi!" I call back. "Who are you?" He asks smiling. "Lulu" I say happily. "Louis" He replies. "Nice to meet you" I say. "Same for you." He says relaxing a bit. "Are you famous?" He asks me. "Oh no! My aunt is i'm just staying with her! I dont have any talent" I laugh. "I'm sure you do" He laughs "Does eating count?' I reply sarcastically. He chuckles "You and Niall would get along" He says. "Your from One Direction aren't you?" I ask proudly. He nods. "My sister adores you" I laugh. "Adores who?" Her voice comes from outside my door. "Shoot, Got to go! Bye Louis" I say closing my window. He waves goodbye and shuts his window. My sister comes in. "Who?" She asks eagerly. "No one" I say grinning. She gives me the death glare "I'll find out" and with that, she skips out of the room. 

I walk down to the first floor, looking for the kitchen. "Hello miss" A man says bowing. "Heya!" I yell happily, mocking his bow. He laughs and says "I'm Mr. Borh, the butler. Ms. Shaffler is the maid but I believe she is on the second floor." He says. "Butler? Maid?" I ask in awe. I tend to do that a lot. "Can I get you anything?" He asks. "No thank you"

I say walking to the back slide door. I walk outside and wonder the yard, adoring all the things to do. I hear laughing nearby and wander to it. I see a group of people who I suspect to be One Direction sitting by a fire. I look at them confused. One of them notice me and waves me over.  I slowly walk to them. 

"Hi" Louis says. I smile to him in a friendly manner. The boys introduce themselves as do I. "So where were you going?" Harry asks. "I don't know. I just arrived today and I have no clue where I am going" I admit shyly. "I can show you around" all the boys say at the same time. "Thanks but maybe tommorow. I ust got here from a long plane ride and my aunt doesn't know i'm out." I say sadly. "Oh okay" Niall says pouting. "I'll see you guys around" I call as I walk back to the house.

When I get in my room, I see Louis. He waves as I climb into my bed. I smile as I start to fall asleep. This is going to be a good 7 months.

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