Sent Away

lulu and lacie are twins that go live in England with their aunt. Who will they meet?


1. Sent Away


"Lulu?" My parents call from down stairs. I groan and jump off my bed, shutting my laptop. "Yes?" I ask bouncing downt he stairs, nearly tripping. My dad chuckles at my stupidness. "We have something to tell you!' My mom says nervously/ "Another kid?" I groan. To be honest, i'd be happy with another kid because my twin Lacie, gets boring from time to time.

They laugh again, "No, but Lacie and you are going to stay with Aunt Jamie for awhile while we go on another business trip" She says excitedly. I smile a bit then ask "How long?" They look at each other thenmy dad says "7 months" My jaw drops. "What!" I ask to make sure I got what she was saying. Don't get this wrong, my aunt is literally the funniest and greatest person to live and she lives in like the best place ever! She lives in England and I WONDER IF ILL GET AN ENGLISH ACCENT!! Wait, nevermind. 

"When do we leave?" I ask with the greatest smile making a small dimple pop. "Tommorow" My dad says. "So start packing" They yell as I run to my room. I assume they already told Lacie, I just hope we don't have to share a room for the 7 months. I throw all my clothes and pajamas and such in a large suit case. I take my smaller bag and fill it with my iphone charger, laptop charger, cases, etc.. then I got a bag with my make up and such. i'll leave my iphone out cause I can use that tonight. After I finish packing I walk to Lacie's room, barging in. 

"Are you excited?" I ask plopping on her bed. "You bet" She squeals. We continue random conversation and I finally decide it's time for bed. "Night!" I call as I rush out of her room.  Yes we are twins, no we don't do eveything exact or think the same. With that, I crawl into my bed and cover up with my warm blankets, letting my thoughts drift me to sleep. 

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