I Need You | Luke Hemmings

They meet, they get along, they have fun. The past starts to catch up and the future threatens to pull them apart. Will what they feel be enough to keep them together when things start to get rough?


8. Burritos

I wasn't feeling so good. Maybe because of gulping down and entire cold drink in 2 seconds flat that morning or maybe because of that mysterious burrito i had from the cafeteria at lunch. I hate Mexican food.

Either way, my lunch was threatening to come out any minute so i cut last period to get some rest at home. Walking through campus i spotted Luke. Again? What was he still doing here? He was on his phone, which i decided was my chance. Trying to stay inconspicuous i dodged a few people quietly. Almost to the entrance..

"Danielle!" Shit. I turned around but my body didn't like that. A wave of nausea really strong came over making me almost throw up. Please, not in front of him!

"For the love of god, don't you have a band to go back to?" I said fighting to stay standing up and not hunching over to spill my guts on the lawn. He laughed, now standing a few steps away from me, his hands deep in his pockets and bis body between me and freedom.

"Already getting tired of me?" He wasn't gonna make it easy. Of course.

"Im just in a hurry. Lets talk later, k?" He crossed his arms and regarded me closely, furrowing his brows. I think i might've been swaying a little. My forehead felt sweaty. I could barely keep my eyes open.

"Are you all right?" Was that real concern in his voice?

"Perfect. Now move" if he didn't get out of my way voluntary, he'd just try to stop me if i dodged him. My poor stomach wouldn't be able to take a fight, as much as i would enjoy to get a punch in.

"You're pale. Come one, ill take you home"

"In always pale" really Danielle? Are you discussing now? He smiled at me like you do to an unreasonable kid.

"You got a car?"

"I cant technically drive.." Smug bastard.

"Do you think you can walk all the way home?"

"Its like 3 blocks"

"Answer the question"

"Maybe" my rational side scolded me for lying. Dancing around the truth was my speciality, why wasn't he falling for it?

"Then you're coming with me. Come one, the parking lot is this way" he started walking, i followed with a sigh after staring longingly at the entrance.

"I don't want to throw up in your fancy car" my backpack was slipping every few seconds, making it harder for me to stay upright.

"I don't want you to either. Its a lovely car" Luke looked over his shoulder and saw me struggling, so he stopped until i was next to him. He took my bag without much resistance from my part before putting an arm around me.

"Its the burrito" i mumbled trying to explain my pitiful state. He smiled helping me get to a black Audi.

"Just rest, ok? Your sassiness must take a lot of the energy you need for recovering" he opened the door for me, helped me in and closed it. Rounding the car, he appeared on the driver's seat. It was still weird to me how everyone drove on the wrong side of the road here. He took his shades off and started the engine.

My mind went back to lunch break. Daisy had been nagging me about Luke and asking questions while we waited in line to get our food. Damon wasn't there to help her, since he was otherwise occupied with a redhead. Ben was nowhere to be found.

"Tell me who is him! How did you guys meet?"

"I threw my frapp all over him a couple days ago" i said avoiding the first part. What would she do if she knew? Maybe tell me not to get involved, maybe tell me to "follow my heart". ugh, cheeseball. she laughed. Trying to get something to do, i grabbed the first thing i found in front of me. Which happened to be the blasted burrito.

"Oh my god, i cant imagine how red your face must've been" she was cracking up, so i paid for those evil little stomach-wreckers and got a table. She followed me of course, only carrying a sandwich.

"Thanks for the support, FRIEND" i mumbled looking at my tray.

"You get all blushy even by hearing his name!" I finished my poisonous lunch in 2 bites, desperate to get out of the awkward situation.

"Im not blushy, thats not even a word! I barely know him, he's just a friend. A very annoying one at that!" Her expression stayed content.

"He's tall"





"If you say so.."

"And he likes to taunt you"

"Everyone likes to bother me. I've been told I'm very botherable"

"Don't do that sneaky subject-change with me. He's completely your type!" How did she figure out all of my tricks in such a short time?

"He's blond!"

"Ok, almost completely your type"

"And how can i have i type if i don't date?"

"Because i know what guys get your attention even if you don't do anything about it.. And stop with the evasives! You like luke!"

"How can you say that? I don't even know what movies he likes, what music he listens to.. I don't even know if he's a natural blonde!"

"Oh god! How terrible of me! Those are the most important questions you should ask a guy before getting married. Forget about his family or aspiration. If he likes k-pop, he's not worth it!" She was making fun of me again, but that made me laugh. "He is a natural blond though, he has the eyebrows.."

"Just forget it daisy! How's little Chase?" Daisy got a pet rabbit to keep her company while studying, and keeping him clean was proving to be a very challenging task. She quickly launched into an explanation about bunny's habitats cleaning that i understood little of.

"We're here, i think" Luke's voice got me to the present. I had made it home without ruining his beautiful leather seats.

"Thanks" i got out and turned to say goodbye but he was no longer in his seat. He reached my side of the car in a few seconds "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Accompanying you" my brow furrowed in confusion. Looking up at him i noticed he looked puzzled too.

"To the door? Im a big girl" my nausea had retreated a bit, but the fogginess in my brain was making it hard for me to form coherent sentences. I got my bag out of the car, ready to go.

"Do you have family here?"

"No" i said shortly.

"Someone to take care of you?"

"My friends have classes" i answered looking at the door. So close but so far away.

"Then ill stay with you for a while" huh? That made me turn to him.

"Why?" He might've been hitting on me, but from my point of view there was a big difference between chasing a girl and seeing her puke her guts out and complain.

"Because i wouldn't want to be alone if i wasn't feeling ok" right then that made sense. I've never been truly alone. My mom and dad used to take care of me when i was sick. My sisters would sit by me and try to make me laugh. The little things you take for granted are the ones you miss the most when they're gone. Now who did i have? Daisy and Damon where at school. Ben too. The nostalgia hit again, harder this time. I missed my family.

"You don't have to, ill probably just sleep it off" my voice didn't sound convincing even to me. It lacked conviction, I wanted him to stay. If he noticed the sadness, he didn't say anything about it.

"Then ill make sure you don't drown in your vomit" i smiled at him gratefully.

"Thats so romantic"

"It comes naturally"

Luke took my backpack and waited for me to go ahead. Maybe to pick me up in case i fell or passed out.

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