"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


29. Chapter 27

 Ashton POV 

 I was sitting on the couch with the boys with my head in my hands. 

 "How am I going to fucking do this??" I questioned

 "Look, it'll be fine, you'll just have to find a way to make it all work." Calum said 

  "Yeah, I mean we  can take off a few days and try and figure this out." Luke said 

 "THanks guys but we can't do that to our fans." I mumbled. 

 "Come on I know something that will cheer you up, hopefully." Michael said and we all got in the car. 

 "Where are we going?" I asked him but got no response. 

 "Mickey, Can we get food? I'm hungry!!!!" Harry whined. 

 "Sure thing buddy." Mickey said and drove and got everyone food.

 ******SKip car ride****** 

 Luke POV 

 We pulled up at the mall and we all looked at Michael. 

 "WHat are we doing at the Mall michael?" Ashton asked 

 "Let's look for a gift, you can try to talk to her and get her back with a gift too." Michael said and walked toward the front doors. We all followed and walked into separate stores. 

 Ashton POV 

 I walked into forever 21. Her second favorite store here. Her first was hot topic. 

 I walked around just looking endlessly. 

 "Hi, Could I help you with something?" A lady asked.

 "Umm, yeah, I'm looking for something that would be good to uhh give to my ummmm." I stopped to think 

 "You're girlfriend, she's mad at you and you want to win her over again." SHe said 

 "YEah" I said confused

 "It's the only reason that guys come in here really. Either that our they are just getting a birthday gift." SHe said and told me to follow her. We walked through the store to some dresses and other clothes. She looked through the rack of clothes and pulled out 4 dresses. 

 "You pick which one would look great on her." SHe said. I grabbed a blue cocktail dress. It had a diamond covered waist band. 

 "I'll take this one. you know what all of them." I said and grabbed all 4 dresses.

 "You must have really screwed up." SHe said and rung up the dresses. 

 "Let's just say She's pregnant and pissed." I said and she nodded. 

 "Yeah, you are defiantly going to need these and maybe something else. Good luck." She said and handed me the bag. I thanked her and walked out.

 I walked to hot topic and got stopped by some girl. 

 "Hey, Ashton, I know this is um rude and stuff and I shouldn't really be doing this cause I mean it's your day off and all but I was just asking if I could get a quick picture and get you to sign this." She said quickly and held out a marker and he phone case that had a picture of me on it.

 "No problem." I took the phone case and signed it. I looked at the picture and saw it had Brooke on it and her signature. I shook it off and handed her phone back to her. I took the picture and looked at her. 

 "When did you get Brooke to sign that?" I asked 

 "Right before you, I saw her in hot topic." She said. I thanked her and ran to the store. I looked around but she wasn't there. I ran to the counter and pulled up a picture of Brooke. 

 "Have you seen her." I asked 

 "Yeah she just left. I think she went to the pretzel stand over there." The lady said and pointed at the stand. I thanked her and left again. I ran to the stand and saw Brooke just leaving. 

 "BROOKE!!" I yelled and ran to her. She turned around and saw me. She rolled her eyes and walked away. I grabbed her arm and turned her around. 

 "Brooke, I'm sorry. I was going to tell you but I didn't want to because I have to leave soon. I didn't want you to have to deal with that." I said and started attracting attention. " I love you." I said to her and she just looked at me.  

 "Say something, please." I said to her. There was now a large circle around us.

 "Ashton, I- I,  I love you too." She said and I kissed her. Everyone started clapping and cheering. I pulled out a bow out of my pocket and got down on one knee. 

 "Look Brooke, I know that this is really early and we are still really young but I love you and I always have. But know I have a even bigger reason too be doing this right now. Brooke I want you. I want you as My wife, Forever and always.  I just wish....... I just wish I didn't have to leave soon. I love you more than words can describe and I know you might not be ready and I'm okay with that because even if you say no now I won't be embarrassed because I know you probably aren't read but I will try again. I love you and nothing and no one can ever change that. So what I'm trying to say is Brooke Horan, Will you marry me?" I said as Brooke cried. 

 "Ashton, I love you and this is so Cliche. Yes." She smiled and kissed me. Every clapped and cheered again. All of the fans stared chanting "Forever and always" and  "Bashton" 

 I smiled and picked Brooke up to my height and kissed her again and spun her around. 

 "So do you take me back?" I asked 

 "Yes, but you are so going to have to work for my trust." SHe whispered. 

 "Good enough for me." I said and hugged her. Fans then came up and asked for our pictures and autographs. 

 ******Hours later****** 

 Brook, Harry and I were all at my house and My mom called. 

 A- Hey mom 

 AM- Hi

 A- What's up 

 AM- the fact that you are getting married to a whore, oh nothing 

 A- Excuse me

 AM- You know that things name, What was it, Ummm Brooke was it?

 A- You know you're a Bitch 

 AM- Ashton that is no way to talk to your mother 

 A- Yeah well now it is. 

 AM- I will not let you marry that thing

 A- You have no choice 

 AM- Yes I do ashton, I don't bless this marriage 

 A- I don't care, I will MArry her and have and amazing wedding and life there will be nothing you will say about it 

 AM- I won't let you have this wedding

 A- Who said I wanted you there

 AM- Ashton 

 A- No, I will not let you disrespect the girl I love and then think you can come to my wedding. Hell no 

 AM- I will be there 

 A- You won't know where it is if you don't get and invitation and I can make sure you don't get one. 

 AM- I will be there

 A- I don't want you there and I'll make damn sure you aren't. Have a nice life mom. 

 I hung up the phone and sat on the couch staring at the ground. Brooke came up to me. 

 "You know what they say about pregnant women." She said 

 "No what?" I asked. SHe laughed and kissed my jaw. 

 "That they love sex." She whispered in my ear and kissed down my jaw. I smiled and stopped her. 

 "Harry." I said

 "I just put him to sleep and we'll be careful." She said and continued to kiss me. She slid her hands up my shirt and took it off. SHe kissed down my chest and slowly unbuttoned me pants. 

 "Ash??" We heard Harry call. 

 "Damn, does that kid have a sixth sense or something." I groaned and got up. 

 "Yeah buddy" I called

 "I miss mommy." He said. 

 "Don't worry, She's bound to be here tomorrow okay?" I said and picked him up. 

 "Okay." He said and smiled. 

 "Do you want to come sit with me and Brooke?" I asked. He nodded and I walked back to the living room. Brooke was asleep on the couch and Harry layed beside her. I sat with her head in my lap and covered them. I turned on the tv and slowly fell asleep.

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