"Don't leave me!! Your my world, my life!" I yelled.
" Life is funny huh?!?" He smirked and walked out the door! My life is gone. Now What?


27. Chapter 25

 Ashton POV

 I put Harry to bed and told him I would go get his clothes tomorrow. I went into my room and layed in my bed just thinking. Like the kind of thinking where you lay on top of your blankets and stare at the ceiling. Does she really want me? That kiss was perfect!! I want her but what if she didn't really mean it, she could've just been trying to hurt my mom. 

 I have to make a choice before I have to leave. I haven't even told her that I was in a huge band. (we are going to change the ages of the boys)

  "ASHTON!!!" I heard harry yell. I shot up and ran to his room. 

 "What's wrong buddy?" I asked as I sat next to him. 

 "I had a nightmare." He said and hugged me.

 "It'll be okay. Come on Let's go sleep in my room." I said and  picked him up. I put him in my bed and fell asleep.

Liam POV 

 I woke up next to Morgan. I got up and grabbed my things. I kissed her forehead and stomach and left. This is going to be hard, Morgan is due soon and I have to be here. 

 Brooke POV 

 I haven't slept all night. I heard Morgan' door open and close. I quickly got up and ran to my door. I slung it open and saw Liam standing there with his head in his hands. 

 "What's wrong?" I asked rushing to his side. 

 "Nothing baby girl, Happy birthday." He said and kissed my forehead with tear running down his cheeks. I wiped his tears and looked at him. 

 "Come on, something has to be wrong if you're crying." I said. 

 "Morgan is due soon and I'm not sure if I'll be here. Plus I have to leave on your birthday." He said 

 "Don't worry, I was planning on spending some time with Lottie, Ash, and Logan. Morgan will be fine. I'll call if you aren't here, I promise." I said and held out my hand. He shook it. 

 "Brooke, do me a favor?" He said 

 "Sure what is it?" I said

 "Don't get pregnant right now." He looked at me. 

 "1 it's not really something you can prevent and 2 it's my 16th birthday, I make no promises." I said and kissed his cheek as he put his things in the car. 

 "I know it's bound to happen but I can't have two babies." He said 

 "Well then you will have to talk to Ashton because If do have sex with someone then It'll be him tonight." I said 

 "Be careful, use protection." He said and hugged me then got in his car and left. I went back inside and put on some sweats and a sweat shirt. I grabbed my phone and left a note for Morgan. I got in her car and left.

 Ashton POV 

 I heard someone banging on the door and I ran downstairs. I opened the door and saw Brooke. 

 "What are you doing here?" I asked. She pushed me into the wall and stared kissing me. I tried talking to her but couldn't. I finally managed to get a work in after each kiss. 

 "" I asked again. 

 "I'm 16 now." She said breaking the kiss. I smiled and picked her put her one that wall and began to kiss her again.

 "Your room?" She asked. 

 "Fuck." I said and put her down. "He's in my room." I said. She nodded and walked upstairs and came back minutes later and pulled me upstairs. We walked into my room and she locked the door. She pushed me on the bed. 

 "Oh so you're in control." I smirked. "Sexy." 

 She began kissing my jaw and slowly made her way to my lips. I flipped her over onto her back. 

 "But I want this time to be all me." I said and kissed her neck.

 "Hot." She said and pulled off my shirt. I pulled her shirt off and pulled her pants down as she did to me.

 "You are so fucking hot shirtless." She said as she kissed my chest. I unhooked her bra and she quickly covered herself. 

 "Do you honestly think that is the worst of your worries for me to see." I said. She looked at me. I grabbed her hand and moved it away from her chest. I kissed her neck looking for her sweet spot. I kissed he collar bone and up her neck. She moaned.

 "Found it." I mumbled and she moaned again. She flipped us over so she was on top. 

 "What are you going to do?" I smirked. She smiled. She reached under the blankets and grabbed me. I gasped. 

 Brooke POV 

 I grabbed him. I started slowly and slowly went faster. 

 "B-Brooke." Ashton said as he tried to move. He grabbed my waist and moved me. I quickly shot me a glare.

 "Oh, You've got a lot in store." He said. He got on top of me and I stopped him. 

 "Ash, I don't want to get pregnant." I said and he nodded and quickly put it on. He thrust into me. 

 He grabbed my waist and I arched my back. He thrust in my harder and harder. I moaned loudly and wrapped around Ashton. 

 "Ashton." I moaned. I scratched hi back and he moaned.

 "FUCK!!!! AHHHHH!!" I screamed. Ashton smirked and moved harder. We heard a knock on the door followed by Ashton's name. 

 "Ashton?" Harry said. Ashton stopped and looked at me. I moved away from him. 

 "You have to go, I can't." I said and he groaned. He put on sweats and walked out. 

 "Yeah buddy?" He siad and picked Harry up. 

 "I'm scared." He said 

 "Do you want me to call Lottie?" Ashton asked and pulled out his phone and harry nodded. Ashton called Lottie and gave Harry the phone and he walked away. Ashton walked back in the room and locked it. 

 "Now." He said and got back in with me. He slowly started kissing down m stomach and made it his down. My phone and I  grabbed it. 

 B- Hello 

 L- so how's having sex with Ashton

 B- what?

 L- oh don't play dumb with me, Harry told me he heard a girl scream from Ashton's room

 B- Oh my god.

 Ashton kissed my thigh and I gasped. 

 L-OOOO you're doing it right now aren't you.

 Ashton kept kissing my thigh and I couldn't speak. 

 L- YOU ARE!! I'm coming to get Harry. 

 B- D-don't worry if y-you hear anything. 

 I grabbed Ashton by the head and made him stop. 

 L- I'm on my way.

 I hung up the phone and threw it. 

 "Lottie is coming to get HArry, She doesn't want him around us having sex." I told him. 

 "How did she know?" He asked 

 "Harry said he heard a girl scream from in here, and then you were kissing me while I was on the phone." I said. 

 "Oh, can I go back down." He said and I nodded.  

 We were laying next to each other breathing heavy. 

 "Damn." Ashton breathed. 

 "I need to turn 16 more often." I said and Ashton agreed. I  got up and put  on some of Ashton's clothes. 

 "I'll be right back." I said and walked downstairs. I called Liam.


 B- hey, How are you

 L- fine I just got with the boys

 B- Great, should I leave you alone or no

 L- It's fine they want to saw hey to you. 


 All- Hey Babe 

 L- SO why did you call 

 B- I just wanted to see how you guys were doing 

 L- We're fine now why did you really call. 

 B- Okay I need Harry,

 H- hello my love

 B- Hey, I need your help with convincing my mom to let me go to Ashton's parents house with logan and Lottie. 

 H- by his parents house do don't mean that do you

 B- Exactly 

 H- Great, just ask, I mean she loves Ashton. She trust him in for fucks sake. Speaking of that did you just fuck someone. You sound shaky. 

 B- Maybe 

 H- Who is it 

 B- Ashton

 H- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, SO you cheated on me. 

 B- Yep, Don't tell Liam or  Niall.

 H- I won't i have to go love bye 

 I hung up the phone and went back to Ashton's room. He was sleeping so I left a note and told him I'd be back later.

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