The first (Selection Series)

This Movella is based off of the Selection series, and takes place in that world. Lilian Schrevne, the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America, has come of age to me married. Usually, princesses get married off to other countries instead of having a selection like princes. Lilian forces her parents into the first ever female selection. Will she find the results she was hoping for, or will she cause something beyond her power?


3. Mom and Dad

It felt like forever standing outside dad's study. What was talking them so long? What could they possibly be talking about that I couldn't hear? I paced up and down the hallway for a while, then I started looking at each painting on the wall. Some were old ones and others were done by my Aunt May. I stood in front of one of my absolute favorites for a few minutes. It was done by Aunt May and was a landscape of mountains. It was all different hues of green though, all swirled together and mixed around. It clashed against the blueish sky and melted into the ground. I tore my eyes away from it and continued to pace.

I started clicking my tongue like a clock.

"Tick tock tick tock." I clicked.

I softly hit my heels on the marble floor to follow the rhythm. Tick tock tick tock. I started moving my hips and dancing a little bit before I realized I was in the presence of guards. I immediately stopped and smoothed out invisible wrinkles in my dress. One guard hid a very small smile on his lips. My legs were sore from standing and I was tempted to sit on the floor, but that wasn't very lady like. Just then the door to his study creaked open and mom stood, holding he door for me to enter.

I walked in and mom shut the door behind her with a small click and good behind dad as he looked away from us, holding Posy's book.

He sighed and she massaged his shoulders the best she could.

"Lilian I-" He said tiredly.

"Yes?" I said nervously.

He turned now to look at me and set the book on his desk. I stared intently at it and when he put a hand on my shoulder, I had to tear my eyes away from it to look at him in the eye.

"I think we should talk about Friday." He finished.

"Okay." I said, practically shaking. I knew that this was what was waiting for me behind these doors, but it still called me off guard.

"Have a seat, dear." Mom said pointing to a plush chair opposite to the desk where dad sat. Mom sat next to me in an identical chair.

Dad sighed and set his head in his hands for a moment before starting.

"Lilian, we all know that you don't want to do this. It's quite obvious actually. But never the less, you do have to get married."

The plan. I forgot all about it!

"Dad I have an idea about that-" I interrupted.

"Pease let me finish. I want you to know that your mother and I are quite aware that you know how to handle difficult situations. So naturally," he looked at mom and she nodded. "We feel it only fair that you have a say in it."

What? A say in it? Wasn't I already going to get that? How did mom and dad expect me to just sit back and let them choose their future husband? How could anyone do that?

"Oh. Well I had another idea." I said.

"Okay then," Mom said slightly confused, "Let's hear it."

I took a deep breath and began.

"Well, I had a thought about this earlier. Well my maid mainly opened my eyes but....we'll get to that in a minute." I waved that thought away with my hand and continued. "So you know how women are sometimes treated like second class citizens," I looked at mom and dad. "Well it can feel like that all the time for a princess."

Mom and dad exchanged a quick glance before looking back at me.

"And I feel like it's time for a fresh start." I said a matter-o-factly.

"Oh really? And what do you mean by that exactly?" Dad said jokingly leaning towards me a little bit, but I didn't loosen up.

"I want a selection."

Mom and dad both gasped at this. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples while mom stood up and paced the room a bit, looking at dad. But I still remained rigid in my chair, trying to achieve the image of calm. The silence went on for a minute or so before I spoke.

"Well, when should we make the announcement? On the Report maybe? So we can explain all the nitty gritty details to the public."

Dad held up a hand to stop me. "Hold on, hold on, no one's getting a selection. No one's making any announcements."

"Maxon," Mom finally piped up. "This might not be such a bad idea. You said you've been talking about a change."

"America, I know I said that but this? Not a selection!" He retorted.

"It could be good for the people. We don't have any sons, the people are going to want a selection soon."

Was mom actually taking my side in an argument? And against dad?

"We already made some arrangements with Italy! And Spain! America, we need them!" He said standing up.

"Cancel them!" I shouted.

"Excuse me, young lady that is not your say." He said forcefully.

"You just said I could have a say! What happened to that?" I was furious. I was waving my hands around when I spoke, which was very unlady like.

"Lilian, don't talk back to your father!" Mom said sternly.

I lowered my voice a little. "Dad, please. This is something good for all of us, not just me. It gives the public something to hope for! Maybe this is what you were talking about, binding the castes!"

He scoffed at this. "The only thing a selection does is get you out of leaving."

"Maxon!" Mom hissed.

"America, look at me a tell me that you weren't insecure about being the only five in the selection!"

Mom was quiet and she bit her lip.

"Lilian, you will be negotiated with Italy soon." Dad said flatly.

"What?! No! That's not fair!" I cried.

"Maxon! How dare you?" Mom said disappointedly.

"How dare I what?!" He shouted back.

"How dare you treat our daughter like a piece of property!" Mom yelled back, even louder than dad.

A guard burst through the door, gun in hand looking around. Mom gasped a little at the sudden entrance.

"Sorry, your highness. I heard screaming and I wanted to make sure everything's okay." He seemed a little embarrassed.

"We're fine." Dad said shortly.

"Speak for yourself." I muttered.

He shot around and looked at me, rage in his eyes that he only reserved for rebel attacks.

"Go to your room!"

I huffed, holding back tears, about to counter him but I was interrupted.

"Now!" He pointed towards the door and bellowed out the word.

The guard was still in the doorway so he stepped aside for me to rush out into the hallway, my face in my hands.

"Your majesty, do you-" The other guard asked.

"No!" I yelled, sobbing, running away.

I didn't hear his response as I sprinted down the hallway, up the steps, and into my bedroom.

"Your maj-" One guard spoke before I slammed the door as hard as I could and collapsed on my bed.

My maids saved me the trouble of explaining everything and cleaned everything as fast and quietly as they could before leaving me only to cry in peace. After a while, I came to my senses and rolled over onto my back to look at the ceiling. How could I have been so stupid as to think he would listen? Let me have a selection even? I slowed my breathing down and closed my eyes, soaking up the atmosphere. It was so quiet. Wait....quiet? I had quiet twice in one day? That's a first.

After a while, my maids knocked on my door and I wiped my eyes to open it for them. They all curtsied and said, "Your majesty."

Lila walked in first and immediately stared freshening my make up for Silvia's lessons. Ugh, I forgot about them.

Susan took out my messed up bun and re pinned it so it looked new. And Alice, god love her, massaged my hand to calm me down a bit.

"Silvia's expecting you, your majesty."Susan said timidly.

"Thank you." I responded, slightly embarrassed about how I acted.

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