I've Changed

It's Been Like This. It always was and will always be like this. A broken insecure girl that doesn't know how to love because after losing her dad from battling in Iraq, everybody that she loved started walking out of her life. Till she met Louis Tomlinson. He taught her how to love. He did. Could she believe love? Would she ever know how to love? Till that one day. But will she be a broken doll again after all it had been this way.


10. *last night ;) (16+)*

So after the so called "date", me and Louis have just been talking and he's having a party tonight and invited me. Should I go? Maybe not. Well it's time to change and let go right? I mean it's 5 pm on a Saturday night and here I am reading "the fault in our stars". I changed into skinny jeans and a white blouse and got in my car and drove and never stopped. Until passing my dad's grave I reversed and parked as I picked some flowers from the ground. So fresh and young. If only is time could reverse I sighed. "Oh dad, I miss you so much and I feel so lonely right now. I bumped into this boy at school and I don't know. Maybe it's time to let someone into my life? Maybe you don't approve but i just have this feeling that it is time. Time that I finally got all the closure I needed and move on dad. I'll always remember you. I love you dad. If only time could be reversed. "I cried. I left the flowers there for him and got in the car and left.

It's already 6:30 so time to get ready. Oh I didn't tell you? I AM going.

I picked out some stuff I never knew I had. Like seriously. I picked out this hot red short and tight dress. It ended a little higher than mid thigh and the sides were cut open. It's a strapless dress too. I also picked out a pair of black stilettos and black hoop earring and some bangles. After taking a really long shower, it's already 7:00.

Makeup - smokey eye, bronzer, foundation and all that. With a hot red lipstick.

Hair - I decided to curl it. Full curls.

So I put in black lace bra and panties and added the outfit and then I looked into the mirror my reaction was... Who the fuck is that?? Well I guess I might as well go all out. I mean I have a good body it's just I never really show it. I got the bust, curves and the ass so I looked pretty good.

**just got there**

"Omfg why the fuck did I come here again??" I thought as I walked in the door feeling extremely weird. This is really my scene. The other side of me said " breathe Victoria. Your looking gorgeous tonight. All the guys are staring and you know you just want to get Louis's attention. Head up, breathe and walk like your running a fashion show bbg." And I did exactly what I thought and it felt amazing. Well just till I bumped into someone. "Oh hey Vicky" Louis yelled. "Hey there Louis." I exclaimed. "Well doesn't someone look gorgeous today?" He smirked. "Thanks, thought I might as well go all out. And you don't look too bad your self cutie" I smirked back. "Oh so now I'm cute." He chuckled. "Well actually we all now I meant hot " I thought kay actually blurted out. He started laughing as I turned crimson red. "Love it's fine I mean your the hot one. Tonight you have really wanted to feel alive. Am I correct? He asked. "That is correct indeed babe " I answered. He handed me a bottle of beer a I gulped it down like there was no tmrw. After many more bottles of that we both were VERY VERY drunk. "Wanna dance love?" Louis asks "I would love to" I slurred.

On the dance floor I started grinding on him and then he led me to a corner where there's a couch with a mirror only you can see from the inside. No one can see what's on the inside. "Dance for me baby" he growled. I started giving him a lap dance rubbing on him. He grabbed my ass and slapped really hard. "Louis" I moaned. "You like that babe?" He asked. I nodded continuing giving him a lap dance as he kept slapping my ass. "Maybe we can take another step forward? He asked. "That ain't a problem for me Lou" I growled. He stuck his hungry lips all over me and licked my lips wanting entrance and I granted him that. He kissed down my neck giving me hickeys. "Ooh Louis" I moaned as he rubbed my boobs pinching my nipples and hungrily sucking them. He pushed me over to lay on the couch and took my clothes all out in a couple seconds. He dived right down kissing my pussy lightly. "Oh baby don't tease me. Come on Louis just suck it already!" I moaned as my horniness get higher. "What's my name?" He smirked. "Louis"I groaned. "Not good enough bbg." He smirked again. "Fucking Louis just pleasure me already. I wanna be sore by tmrw. So bring it on babyboy!" Moaned. He sucked on it making me so wet, to add two fingers in my pussy. "Ohh Louis faster baby" I yelled. He pushed three fingers in and out in an extremely amazing pleasurable speed. "Yeah baby harder faster ohh" I moaned loudly. He took his fingers out and took off his boxers and wow his dick was HUGE. He rubbed it against my pussy making me even more wet. Out of nowhere he banged right in to my pussy. "Oh fuck Vic ur tight as hell" he moaned. He pumped in and out so fast and hard I was basically on cloud 9. He took his dick out and we did doggy style for awhile and I couldn't take it anymore and moaned "babe I'm gonna come!" "Not yet hold it babe!" He yelled. He fucked me even more harder and faster. And together we both came. I turned around and grabbed his dick. "Oh yeah suck my dick Vic. Suck it" he moaned. I started kissing his tip and sucking it when all sudden he pulled my hair and made me gagged so many times. After another gag he came into my mouth an I swallowed the whole thing. I fell into his chest and laid there until my eyes felt too droopy so darkness came over me as I listened to Louis's heartbeat that's now steadied. "I love you Victoria. What ever happens I'm here. Sweet dreams babe." Was the last thing I heard.

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