what happens when Kaytlen runs away from her abusive father and bumps into the band she doesn't even know about and they help her out.


6. the truth

                                                         Niall's pov

 ok I have to be honest with myself I like Kaytlen,I will talk to Zayn because he has a girlfriend and I can't talk to Louis' because it is his new DAUGHTER, talking about Zayn's GF i think  she is coming over today.


                                                           Kaytlen's pov

ok I have to be honest with myself I like Niall, but I have no one to talk to, all of a sudden a knock at the door breaks me out of my thoughts, I walk downstairs to see Zayn and a really pretty girl with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair kissing "eww" I yell and they turn around and look at me "oh hi my name is Jaslyn, I am Zayns GF" she says and I find that pretty obvious I don't think zany would be sticking his tongue down a strangers throat "hi I am Kaytlen, I live with the boys a louis' is my adoptive father" I say, we talk for a while and she seems nice and really fun and I feel like I have known her forever "hey Jaslyn can I talk to you" I ask "sure" she says back and we walk up to my room an das we do I see Zayn and Niall walk into his room wich doesn't usually happen, weird. "so what did you want" she asks politely "well I like Niall and I was wondering if you could um help me through it because you know Niall and you have a boyfriend" I said "sure, well with Zayn we were just really good friends, like you and Niall and I didn't even know if he liked me that way or not so I just took the risk and went for it, make the first move and if he doesn't love you already than he will start if u make the first move and it will show him that you are strong" she said I took in her words and decided I will tell him tomorrow at noon.


                                                           Niall's pov

"so what did you want mate" zany asked well I like Kaytlen and I was wondering if you could help me through it because you have a girlfriend and all" I said "sure mate, well you have to make the first move, tell her how you feel" he says "is that what you did with Jaslyn????" I asked "um no but it made me feel like a total dork"he said "ok thanks" I said to him and he left, I will do what he said and tell her how I feel tomorrow at noon.


hey everyone hope you liked that chapter, what do you think will happen tomorrow at noon when they both tell each other



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