what happens when Kaytlen runs away from her abusive father and bumps into the band she doesn't even know about and they help her out.


5. suprise

                                                              Kaytlen's pov

when we got home I ran to my plain old boring room and collapsed 'this room really needs a makeover maybe I can tell the boys and they can help me fix it up' I said to myself 'Niall and I can do it together, wait what no stop Kaytlen' I said to myself.


                                                            Louis' pov

I was just about to go talk to Liam about Niall and Kaytlen when all of a sudden " AAHHHHLouis' I can't believe we have an adopted daughter now" I hear my girlfriend Hayleigh Summers yell from the front door "HHHAAAYYYYLLLLEEEIIIIGGGHHH I yell running to the door and as soon as I open it she jumps on me and screams "EEEEEKKKKKKK" she screamed in my ear I just laughed then Kaytlen runs down the stairs "what happened, is someone dead" she yells.

                               kaytlen's pov

"hi you must be Kaytlen I am Hayleigh Summers Louis' girlfriend and your new mum" the really pretty girl says she has sandy/light brown hair, dark blue eyes and seems very nice "how old are you?" I ask, just making sure my new mumis not the same age as me "I am 21" she says.

Hayleigh, the boys and I chat for a while longer until she has to leave, we all say our goodbye's and then we head to bed.




Hey my little ninjas hope you enjoyed this chapter especially hayleigh summers who I wrote this chapter about. please leave comments below because I love hearing what you guys have to say.




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