one direction are in danger. Liam was almost shot, Niall was hit in the neck with a rock and the others know they are next. someone is out to kill them but they don't know who. they also don't know who is going to be the next victim. who wants these boys dead? who wants them harmed? And whoever it is might have a soft spot for Louis.


8. Kidnapped

Louis' POV

(2 days later)

   They finally released Niall from the hospital after constantly making sure he was fine. After what happened to Niall, all of us decided to stick together. Paul rented us a house and instantly drove us there as soon as Niall got out of the hospital. As soon as we got there, we locked all of the doors.

   "Okay, what are we going to do? The note only told us that Niall was after Liam, it never told us who was after Niall" I shouted. Everybody started staring at me.

   "Sorry, but all of this is putting a lot on my shoulders" I apologized staring at everyone.

   "Don't worry Lou, we all know exactly how you feel. This is a lot of pressure" Harry said, giving me a hug.

   "I'm going to head to bed. I'm exhausted from running for the past few weeks" I said heading upstairs to my room and closing the door behind me. when I turn around, I almost scream in fright. Standing behind me was the girl that all of us were running from.

   "If you scream, I will kill all of them" she said, showing me a gun. I instantly put a hand over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming.

   "Good boy, now why don't you take a little nap" she said banging me in the head with a frying pan.


  I slowly open my eyes and find myself chained to a bed. I look around and found myself in a dimly lit bedroom.

   "Well look who finally decided to wake up" a voice said from within the darkness. I shiver at the sound of the unknown voice.

   "Why am I here" I asked in a brave voice. I heard a harsh laugh come from within the darkness. I heard the sound of footsteps walking closer to me until I can faintly see the shadow of a girl.

   "You are here because I am going to give you a slow and painful death" The girl said finally coming into the light. I could see some type of metallic object in her hand.

   "W-what's th-that" I stuttered; my eyes focused on the metal object as she walked closer to me.

   "Here, why don't I let you find out" she said, climbing on top of me. She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled, causing a huge tear in the fabric. She raised the metal object, which happened to be a metal kitchen knife. She moved the knife down towards my leg. She gave me an evil smile before shoving the knife into my thigh.

   I let out a loud scream as the blood poured out of my leg. She took the knife out of my thigh and placed on my chest. She pressed down and slid the knife across my bare chest and stomach. I let out a small whimper because screaming would give her what she wanted. She put the knife down and elbowed me in the ribs. I let out another scream.

   "Why are you doing this" I asked as she leaned down closer to me. She smiled and put her lips against my neck; biting me extremely hard.

   "Because I hate One Direction. All of you boys need to die. Your death needs to be slow and painful because I am not supposed to like a member of One Direction" She said. I stared at her in shock. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a sharp pain in my left leg. I looked at my leg and saw that she had stabbed me in that leg also. She climbed off of me and left; leaving me in the room to bleed from my multiple wounds. How did I get myself into this mess?

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