Run baby run...

Ashton is in love with Raelynn and she loves him too... But they are stuck with being best friends..... Ashton's dad hates Raelynn and wants to keep ash away from her but how will this story go? Read this to find out!


1. chapter one

Chapter one..

Rae's pov. (Raelynn)

I hate my school.... Everybody's so fucking rude to me! I obviously am a fucking emo girl because I like fallout boy and my chemical romance and other bands ya know! I saw Ashton today! He's my BFF you know what I mean and he's so nice to me! I honestly have a crush on him! Whoops! I'm not sure he feels the same way about me but I know his dad hates me.... He does anything to keep ash away from me.... And I hate it so fucking much.... It's so stupid! Anyways I'm going to go talk to ash!


R=Raelynn or Rae

R= hey ashyyyyy

A= hey raeeeeee

R=wanna come over later?

A= i don't know... About my dad ya know hehe but I can sneak out ok

R= yayyyyy talk to you later I got to go!

Yayyyy ash said he might come over yayyyy!

Ashton's pov.

Rae asked me to come over yessssss! Problem... My dad hates her,., why? I don't know? He says she's a bad influence for me but I don't give a fuck I love her she's my BFF along with calum luke and Michael.... I love Rae and I want to ask her out but she probably doesn't feel the same way but ohhhh well we shall see!! I am in class bored as shit... Mr.fallkenburg is so fricking boring!! I honestly don't wanna come to this shit school where everybody bullies Raelynn.... I call her Rae everybody calls her Rae! Anyways I'm just so fucking bored.... I know I have competition for Rae because the bad boy... Harry styles wants her too.... But I want her so he won't get in the way! Michael is calling my name... Shit.... What did I do know!



M= Ashton!!! Hey Ashton!!! Hello! Snapout of your trance please! It's important!

A= huh? What? Oh what do you need?

M= wanna be math partners?!

A= uhhh sure.... But that wasn't that important!

M= ok byyee!

Wow he just did that for math partners ugh he's so annoying sometimes.....

Rae's pov.

I hate school! I'm going to skip today! I hate everybody there exept ash and his band members! Anyways I'm just going to walk home.... Shit... My moms home ugh..,, I'm just going to sneak in! I went upstairs and got in my bed... Oh how I love my bed! I put my earbuds one and teenagers by my chemical romance stared playing! Yesssss I love that song! It's like my fave! I had to sing along! It's my instinct!

They're gonna clean up your looks with all the lies

In the books to make a citizen out of you! Because they

Sleep with a gun and keep an eye on you song so they

Can watch all the things you do!

Because the drugs never work they're gonna give you

A smirk cause they got methods of keeping you clean!

They're gonna rip up your head your

Aspirations to shreds another clog In the murder


Shit I yelled that out! Whoops oh shit! "Raeeeee is that you?" My mother yelled "yahhhhhh!" I yelled back..."why are you home?" Uh oh what should I say... Shit... "I uhhh I umm I skipped class" I said "why are you always doing stupid shit like this Rae" "I um 1. Never have done 'shit' like this 2. Leave me alone" I yelled back! She's literally a pain but whatever she's my mom!

A/N hiii I'm valerye or directioner_2303 and this is like my second fanfic and I'm terrible so don't judge! I'm not sure of these chaps. Are long because I use my iPhone sorry well bye

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