Drarry oneshots

A series of Drarry oneshots. Don't like, don't read.
Warning: there could be some minor (or not so minor) swearing and other such things. Also some AU. Um...I think that's it for the warning...


5. Drarry- Scarhead and the Dragon

Harry's POV

I was bored. I was stuck with the Dursleys for the summer before sixth year and had absolutely nothing to do. Thank Merlin Hermione had thought to buy me a laptop or I would die of boredom. I turned on the laptop and logged on to my emails. In my opinion, email was much better than owl post. Reason? It was faster. Well, that was as long as you had some kind of WiFi and a computer nearby.

I quickly scanned through his messages. There were a few from Hermione, asking about mysummer, telling him about hers. There was even a message from Mr Weasley. I read it with an amused smile on my face. Ron's dad had been dying to try out the computer that Hermione and I had gotten him for Christmas. It was really quite funny.

I was about to log off when I noticed that there was still one unread email. I didn't recognize the person who had sent it. Frowning, I clicked on it. There were only two sentences and a link to some website.

Harry, please go on the link and check the website out. I promise you will like it.


I was puzzled. How did this person know me? And, most importantly, how did this person find my email? I didn't know anyone in the muggle world, except for the Dursleys, the Grangers, Mrs Figgs and Pierre, Dudley's best friend. The only person that would send me an email of those was Hermione, and this was definitively not from her, it wasn't her email address.

Curious, I clicked on the link, determined to find out what it was.

The first thing I noticed, what that this seemed to be a website dedicated to writing. I looked through the titles, wondering what these stories could be about. All the titles were quite odd. Most of them mentioned something called 'Drarry'.

Finally, I decided that I had enough. I was going to read one of these stories and find out what the hell Drarry was.

The title of the story I chose was A pleasant surprise-Drarry.

I started reading it. At first, I didn't know what was going on, but suddenly, I saw my name. And Ron's name. And Hermione's name. And...Draco Malfoy's name. What the hell? I continued reading. All of a sudden, my brain figured out what exactly this was about. Drarry. Draco/Harry. As in me and Malfoy. What was wrong with these people? Like me and Malfoy would ever...go at it on the dining table in Malfoy Manor. That was just...disturbing.

At the end of the story, or 'fanfiction', as the author called it, I was blushing slightly. This fanfiction (he'd finally figured out what that meant too) was pretty much pure smut. I was slightly horrified at what I'd found. But, being the ever curious Gryffindor I was, I decided to read some more of these stories.

This time, I carefully read each summary before beginning to read. After all, I didn't want to stumble upon another on of those fanfictions of me and Malfoy doing...certain things. 

I finished reading a third story. 

It really wouldn't be that bad to be with Malfoy. He is a pretty good looking bloke, after all. 

My eyes widened when the thought went through my head. I immediately dismissed the thought, shaking my head. What was I thinking? I may be gay, but me and Malfoy would never work out.

And yet you wish you two could.

Again, I shook my head. These fanfictions must be getting to me if I was thinking like that. Anyways, the fanfiction Malfoy was so much nicer than the actual Malfoy, so it would never work out. I laughed slightly at the thought of Malfoy being nice to me in any way, then went back to reading more fanfictions. I thought the stories fascinating. So, someone had written about me in the muggle world, and now the story of my life was a best-selling book. How interesting. It was amusing really. And rather odd too.

Yes, you totally don't want this to be actually possible. Nope, you do not have a huge school-boy crush on Malfoy at all.

"Shut up brain." I muttered out loud. Okay, maybe I was just in denial and really did like Malfoy, but that was highly unlikely.

My laptop made a small noise, alerting me that I had a new email. I opened my mail, surprised when I saw that the same person that had sent me the link to this Drarry site had sent me another email.

Hello again Harry. I suppose you have already checked out the link I sent you. Well then, I suggest you create an account. Like that, you will get notified when a story you favorited gets updated, or if one of your favorite authors posts a new story. So seriously, create an account. Unless you wish me to sneak into your dormitory and hex you into the next century.

I re-read the message, dumbfounded. It felt like this person was stalking me...it was kinda creepy. Despite that, I did as was told. After all, now I knew that it was someone from Hogwarts, and not some random stranger that I didn't know. That was a slight relief.


Draco's POV

I was bored. I didn't have anything to do, so decided to check my email to see if any of my friends had decided to send me a message. Sure, I was a pureblood, but I still thought that laptops were one of the greatest inventions ever. It was so useful. It was Blaise that had gotten the idea of charming it so that it wouldn't break in a magical environment and then correspond using it from his muggle studies class. I knew my parents would never admit it, but emails were much better that owls since it was really hard to intercept and read any message sent. 

I frowned when I saw a message from a email account that I didn't know. What could it be?

Hello Draco! I sent you a link, please check it out!


I scowled as I read the message. Scarhead and the dragon? I wondered what that was.

I clicked on the link, waiting patiently until the website was done loading. I was shocked by what he saw.

There was a huge picture of me and someone kissing. More precisely, of me and Harry Potter kissing. And we were shirtless. I wondered how this website had gotten a picture like that. Out of one of my fantasies perhaps?

I scrolled down a little, and then noticed that there were what seemed to be titles and summaries of many different stories. What could they be?

I decided to read one of them.


A few minutes later, I was fanning himself while avidly reading what was on the screen.  Whoever invented this website was an absolute genius I decided. I quickly created and account for the site so that he could get updates about the stories I liked.


Harry's POV

I was waging an internal war with his thoughts. On one hand, I thought these fanfictions were hot but on the other hand, I thought it was completely disturbing.

You like Malfoy.

No I don't.

Yes you do.

Definitively not.

You're just in denial. Think about it. For the past five years, you have been constantly trying to get under his skin. He was doing the same. As if you two were trying to get each others attention. You both hate each other for absolutely no reason. And you know what they always say, a guy pulls the pigtails of the girls he likes. Except in this case you are both male and you are throwing hexes at each other, not pulling each others hair.

That is...just weird. Why would I like Malfoy?

Because he's smart, witty, one of the people who don't think of you as the Golden boy...oh and drop dead gorgeous.

Did I actually just think that.

Trust me, you've been thinking that for a while, just subconsciously.

Why am I even having this conversation with myself?

I shook my head, dismissing these thoughts. Why would I like Malfoy of all people?

I got on the website, checking if there were any more new stories. There was one.

It was called 'A forbidden love'. I decided to check it out.

This author, his username was Ice_Prince999,  was definitively talented. He knew exactly how me or Malfoy would react to different situations. 

Lightning_strikes609: I love this. You really capture their personality. How do you do it?

Ice_Prince: Let's just say...I know Harry and Draco really well.

Lightning_strikes609: Really? Have you re-read the books alot? Or do you go to Hogwarts with them?

I knew it was slightly dangerous for me to mention the school like that to a muggle but said muggle would probably think that it was just a joke.

Ice_Prince999: Haha, something like that yeah.

Ice_Prince999: I would like to communicate without so many people witnessing the conversation. This website has a private chat room, do you mind?

Lightning_strikes609: I don't know how to use it, do you?

Ice_Prince999: Yes, I'll add you so that we can chat.


Ice_Prince999: So, do you go to Hogwarts?

I looked at the screen, not understanding the question.

Lightning_strikes609: What?

Ice_Prince999: I mean, do you actually go to Hogwarts as a student? What year are you in? What house?

How did this guy know I went to Hogwarts? I didn't tell him anything about it.

Lighting_strikes609: How did you know I went to Hogwarts?

Ice_Prince999: I checked out your stories. The description of the school is much better and more acurate that even in the Harry Potter books. My instinct told me you were from Hogwarts. Simple.

Lightning_strikes609: And what if I wasn't?

Lighting_strikes609: Fine, yes I am. I'm in Gryffindor. You?

Ice_Prince999: Gryffindor? Then how did you describe the Slytherin common room so well in that one story of yours? (I'm in Slytherin by the way)

Lightning_strikes609: Let's just say I've been there before.

Lighting strikes609: Now tell me about yourself.

Draco's POV

I looked at the screen. A Gryffindor. In the Slytherin common rooms. Unbelievable.

Ice_Prince999: How did you get in to the Common room? Did one of the Slytherins tell you the password?

Lightning_strikes609: None of those. Me and two of my Gryffindor friends brewed polyjuice potion and snuck into the Slytherin Common room while pretending to be one of the Slytherins.

I stared at the writing that had just appeared on the screen. They used Polyjuice? That was...bloody brilliiant!

Ice_Prince999: And I thought that all Gryffindors were idiots...

Lightning_strikes609: Don't underestimate us. Some of us may be idiots but others...are more Slytherin than you think.

I wondered what this mystery person meant by that. More Slytherin than I think? Please, the only Gryffindor that I thought didn´t quite belong in that house was Granger, and that was only because I thought she was far better suited for Ravenclaw with those brains (there, I admitted it, Granger is extremely smart).

Ice_Prince999: What do you mean?

Lightning_strikes609: Nevermind.

Lightning_strikes609: So, if you are on this website, I suppose you are a fan of what the muggles call 'Drarry' ?

Ice_Prince999: Yes. You too then?

Lightning_strikes609: Yes. I know both Harry and Draco. What year are you in?

Ice _Prince999: I can't tell you what year I'm in, that might give away who I am. What year are you in?

Lightning_strikes609: I can't tell you either, same reason. Okay, then, what do you look like?

Ice_Prince999: Fine, I'll tell you. Grey eyes, pale skin, blond hair, tall. You?

Lightning_strikes609: Short-ish, green eyes, tan skin, dark hair, glasses.

I re-read the message over and over again. That was the exact description of Harry! Maybe...maybe it was Harry. Maybe Harry did like me!

Harry's POV

I almost banged my head on the wall at my stupidity. I had basically just told this Slytherin guy that I was Harry Potter. How could I be so stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!

Ice_Prince999: I have to go to dinner, maybe we could chat another time?

I read the message, astounded. So this guy didn´t know I was Harry Potter yet? Or perhaps he did know and was just not saying so? Or maybe...maybe he was going to tell Draco! I sighed, burying my head in my hands. Ugh.


The summer passed quite quickly. Between doing chores and chatting online with this Slytherin stranger, I didn´t have much time to worry about what would happen if said Slytherin guy would tell Draco or not. Soon, it was time to go back to Hogwarts.


"Can you believe that we are going to be in sixth year now? Only two more years of school left! I'll have to make homework schedules for the three of us! So much to do!" Hermione said energetically, making both Ron groan." I wonder who this years defence teacher will be? Hopefully someone more competent than Umbridge."

I looked up at Hermione from my laptop. Hermione had charmed it so that it would work inside of Hogwarts. We were on the Hogwarts express. The summer had gone by rather quickly. I had been reading Drarry fanfictions since the time we got on the train about two hours ago, but had to be very careful that Ron and Hermione did not see what I was doing. I could just imagine their expressions of disgust (especially Ron) if they found out.

Suddenly, a small beep informed me I had gotten a message from the fanfiction website. I quickly logged on to chat and checked it out, missing the knowing look Hermione sent my way. It was from Ice_Prince999.

Ice_Prince999: Hey, how are you?

Lightning_strikes609: Bored. I've been reading Drarry fanfics for the past...three hours or so. My friends are all wondering what I'm doing. You?

Ice_Prince999: Same. I charmed my laptop to work around magic, like that I'll be able to continue writing and reading even in Hogwarts.

Lightning_strikes609: My friend did it for me (I'm not that good at charms). 

Lightning_strikes609: Do you want to co-author a fanfiction with me? I have an idea but I'm kinda on a writers block so...yeah

Ice_Prince999: Sure, this should be fun. Co-authoring something with a Gryffindor. Who would have thought?

Lightning_strikes609: Hilarious, really. (note the sarcasm)

Lightning_strikes609: Anyways, as a change of topic, if you had to choose, would you chose Harry or Draco? 

Draco's POV

Lightning_strikes609: Anyways, as a change of topic, if you had to choose, would you chose Harry or Draco? 

I looked at the unexpected question.

Ice_Prince999: What makes you think I'm gay?

Lightning_strikes609: You said so in your profile on the website.

Ice_Prince999: Oh, right. Forgot about that.

Ice_Prince999: To be honest, I would prefer Harry. I mean, he has nice eyes and is quite easy on the eyes. I also like his personality. You?

Lightning_strikes609: Draco for sure. The hair, the face, the body, the attitude... 

I re-read the words on the screen, surprised. Why would someone, a Gryffindor not to mention, prefer me over Harry? I mean, Harry had those gorgeous green eyes and such an innocent face, you couldn't help but love him.

Ice_Prince999: I have prefect rounds to do. I have to go. Chat with you later.

Lightning_strikes609: Okay, bye.

Harry's POV

I sat in the compartment, bored out of my mind. My laptops battery was low and I didn't want to wait until it was dead in case I still needed it. I had to wait till I got to Hogwarts to charge since Hermione had somehow (really, that girl was a genius) convinced Dumbledore to put electric plugs for charging tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

Hermione and Ron were off somewhere in the prefects compartment. Suddenly, a voice pulled me out of my thoughts. 

"Can I sit here?" 

My head snapped up to see who was talking to me. It was...Draco Malfoy. The blond was standing there with a nervous expression on his face. His gorgeous silver grey eyes-no, bad Harry, don't think like that.

''What are you doing here Malfoy? Shouldn't you be with your Slytherin cronies?" I snapped at him.

"Actually, I was doing prefect rounds on the train and before that I was chatting with a Gryffindor." Malfoy replied.

"Which Gryffindor would want to chat with you unless they were sending insults your way?" I snapped, ignoring the part of my mind screaming at me to stop insulting him and just snog him already.

"I don't know." Malfoy shrugged. "It was on internet."

My mind suddenly went blank. On internet. I started putting the pieces together. Ice_Prince999. Ice_Prince. Wasn't Draco Malfoy the Slytherin Ice Prince? And then Ice_Prince999 had said that he had to do prefect rounds. Malfoy was doing prefect rounds. Ice_Prince999 had been chatting with him before doing said prefect rounds. Malfoy had just said that he had been chatting with a Gryffindor on internet before doing his prefect rounds. And even the physical description matched.

I flicked my wand at the compartment door, locking it. I got up and took a step towards Malfoy, who's eyes flickered with some unknown emotion and fear.

"Draco...or should I say Ice_Prince999?" I said, watching his eyes widen slightly.

"That was you?" he asked me, a slightly incredulous look on his face.

Instead of answering, I took another step, bringing me closer to Draco, then bent down and kissed him.

It was even better that I had imagined it. I felt like fireworks were erupting all around us. Warmth spread through my body and when we pulled back for air, I smiled shyly at Draco, who's cheeks were tinged with pink.

Reader's POV

Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley stood outside of their compartment, watching at their best friend, Harry Potter was being snogged within an inch of his life by one Draco Malfoy. 

Who would ever suspect them for setting the two boys up? Certainly not Harry of even Draco. 

They shared a look and then went their own way hand in hand, continuing their prefect duties with a slight smirk at the fact that they had gotten the two long time enemies together.


A/N: Wow, this took me forever to write. Hope you enjoyed it!

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