I Know I'm weird, but I Perfer crazy

Elaya is pretty normal girl. She is sweet,kind and caring and does everything a normal person would do. But if you really new her you would think she is one of the most weirdest person you have ever met. She doesn't really mind but if you tell her she is weird you will get the same response "I know I'm weird, but I perfer crazy.“


1. My Life......

Chapter 1:  My Life......


     Hello my name is Elaya (pronounced: E-lay-uh ). I have a pretty strange life matter of fact strange is an understatement so I will have to go with crazy life. But  I'm here to tell you about it so where do we start?

     So It all started with a girl who was horrible made the wrong choices took drugs and drank. That girl met this guy and started following his footsteps. He was horrible as well . They then had a little girl named Elaya . The girl was 17 at the time and the guy was about in his late 20s  early 30s. The girls mother was unaware if her problems and was giving the girl clothes for her baby just to find out that over a phone call that the money was being used for drugs. The girl than had another child named Brianna but Elaya wasn't even one yet. CPS had found out about her drug problem and took the girls to foster care. The guys mother contacted the girls mother and told her . The girls mother went to court and fought for them with her new husband. She won custody of them and was their new mother. 

     Elaya and Brianna now live with their grandmother the one they now call mom. Elaya has had a pretty hard life. Get sister has ADHD so Elaya has to go through mental and physical abuse. Elaya also had border line ADHD. Elaya also gets bullied and doesn't have many friends so there's her life for starters.




A/N : So this is my first story and I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback and thanks to the people who like this story .... I already have a name for my fans ' Bad Bitch's ' but love yall hope you like the next chapter.. Lots of Love :*

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