Tatooed Heart

Drew Chadwick and Tracy Behr fanfic


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     "Come on, Drew! We're going to be late for our interview with...Tracy." I started blushing when he said her name. He laughed at me. "Oh, I see why it's taking you so long. You want to look good for TRACY!" Soon enough, Wes joined in with Keaton and they both made fun of me. "Drew loves Tracy!", "Drew wants to marry Tracy!", "Drew's in looooove!", and much, much more, went from mouth to mouth. It didn't take long for me to slam my bedroom door in their faces. "OW!" I heard Keaton yell. "He actually hit me...with a door!" He added. I smirked, proud of myself.


     Once I was done getting ready for our interview, I smiled to myself, knowing that I would be able to see her again soon. I quickly exited my room, being quick so I can see her sooner. "Oh, look like somebody's in a hurry to see Tracy!" Keaton laughed. Wes chuckled and I rolled my eyes, not wanting to put up with them. "Come on, let's go." I pointed towards the door. They both laughed, once again.


     I drove to the Young Hollywood studio, and had to listen to Keaton and Wesley make fun of me the whole. entire. ride. It sucked. I parked my silver Toyota Corola close to the building. We all filed out of the car, and into the studio. Wesley lead us into the elevator after we checked in, and we rode it all the way up to the top floor, where Tracy will be interviewing us in just a few minutes.


     About thirty seconds later, we arrived on the top floor, but she wasn't there. Someone else was. "Hey guys! You can take a seat on the couch over there!" Keaton and Wes looked at me and I rolled my eyes. I was upset until I heard the elevator open. "Hey guys!"








Okay! First chapter is up! If you ship Drew and Tracy, comment which is better:







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