Johnny's Life

It's so good its BAD


1. Johnny's life

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Johnny. Johnny lived with his grandmother in an old, suburban house in Wisconsin, since his parents died of an unexpected car accident in July 29, 2009. Johnny and his grandmother did everything together, but unfortunately , when Johnny was just  13 years old, his grandmother died of an unknown illness. He was then adopted by an abusive 38 year-old man. He was always put to work at the man’s old, run-down home in Alabama.

Johnny was not a rich person. All he had was the shirt on his back and the pants he wore. He had a hard time making friends. He decided to get a job to be away from his abusive “father” for a few hours. He worked 7 hours a day baling hay at a farm down the road. He did not like the job, but it was better than being at home. His boss, Albert Stroganovsky was a 27 year old, who was more of a father figure to him.

It was 6:46 P.M. on the third week of June. Johnny was baling hay when he noticed a deer was running in the field. “Albert!” Johnny screamed. “Get the rifle!” Albert heard him and sprang to his feet.  Albert didn’t even bother to put on his shoes and ran outside. Johnny kept his eye on the deer while Albert got ready to fire. But before he could, the deer vanished into the woods across the field.

“Maybe he’ll come back.” Albert said.

“I’ll keep watch.” Johnny said.

Johnny went back to bailing hay when he noticed strange purple lights in the woods. The lights were so bright, Johnny couldn't look at them for more than a second. He went inside to tell Albert about them."Albert, what are those lights for?"

"What lights?"

"The lights in the woods across the field."

Albert went outside with him to see for himself. "I have no idea" Albert said, puzzled. "Let's go investigate!" Johnny said, dying of excitement. "I'll get the rifle, in case the deer shows up." Said Albert. Johnny and Albert wandered across the field to investigate. Once they were within 50 ft of the lights, they both collapsed to the ground with severe headaches.

The lights weren't flashing now. They crawled away from the lights. Everything was getting blurry. After they crawled a few feet away, they returned to normal. The lights began to flash again. It was complete silence for a few minutes. "What was that?" Johnny said. But there was no response. "Albert?" Johnny turned to his left. Albert was lying there not moving. "Albert?!" Johnny yelled, but once again there was no response. Johnny grabbed his wrist and felt a pulse. "Thank God."
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