The Walking Dead: Character Talk

Just talking about The Walking Dead. If you have anything to add or questions the comment. Thanks


1. My Theories

I got a few comments so thanks to the people that commented

@[Sometimes I Drift Away] said "There is a rumor that Carl will die and Rick will loose a hand.

@[NaturalStarBurst] said "Did you know in the comics Carl gets shot under I think his left eye.

Ok well yeah I did hear that Carl is supposed to die next season but I don't really think that Rick will lose his hand. He did in the comics but in the show they replaced Ricks hand with Hershel's leg.

Yes I did know that Carl lost his eye in the comics but I haven't read them yet and I'm happy it was the governors eye in the show instead of Carls.

If anyone else has any cool or fun facts about the characters and the actors please comment below. Thnx

Ok so If you read my movella "The Walking Dead" and you were looking for an update I'm sorry I've been busy with my finales for school and don't have enough time. But I was on Pinterest ( yes, Pinterest I love it.) and I was looking at some Walking Dead stuff and I saw some quotes. So I was wondering what are some of your favorite quotes?

Comment what your favorite quotes are it could be from someone dead or alive. Please put who said it.

If you all don't already know by my username I love Daryl Dixon. So my favorite quote by him is "People in hell want slurpies." And "Am I the only one zen around here?"

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