Bestfriend To Love

Kimmy Rawls im 17 cute hot sexy anything you would prefer to call her. Her best friend Justin Bieber they go on a tour together and fall in love.


20. Chapt20.

Wedding day came I took a shower curling my hair slipping on some sexy black leggings a black short hot dress with red heels black spikes adding lipstick I smiled at myself in the mirror going downstairs seeing Beth she looked gorgeous we went to the wedding it was pretty boring seeing Justin in a suite really turnt me on even if I DIDN'T have any panties on. I got my second slow dance with Justin which was pretty amazing 

"So how you feeling" I asked 

"Mm okay I guess I feel guilty for this it's her day"

"It's yours to you got the paparazzi here the photographers everyone it's like a dream come you" I said 

"Yeah I guess you look really hot is it for me"

"You wish I wore this so I wouldn't have to change when I get to my party"

"Happy Birthday" he said smiling 

"Thanks I feel old now that I'm almost out of high school finishing my senior year"

"Yeah but you'll get used to it you'll miss high school I know I do once you're in the real world your life is in your own hands" he said 

"Yeah true ya know I'm just gonna tell you this before anything stupid happens watch out for yourself I have a feeling she's using you"

"No shit" he said 

"If you decide to have sex again with her be extra careful my mom told me about girls having sex with celebrities because they can get money off of making a baby and once she gets pregnant. She will divorce you and you won't have any money I know it's none of my business but try not to let her save your sperm" I said looking into his eyes 

"Okay..I hope you have a good party I know it'll be awesome"

"Yeah of course it will" I said Dylan walked over to us I smiled at Justin and walked off to let them slow dance. I ate a little and went to Ryan's place where the party was there was lots of drinks and plenty of food 

"Hey birthday girl" Ryan said 

"Hey thanks for letting me borrow your place the party's hot" 

"Thanks oh and I also invited Brandon"


"Yes I did I know you like him come on" he said grabbing my hand leading me to him he looked so hot red shirt ripped jeans with high tops and a SnapBack 

"Ryan you cannot leave me"

"Hey you like him and I did you a favor to bring him" he said

"And I thank you but..I have feelings for someone else I mean I-I like Brandon but..-"

"Justin" he said lightly 

"Um y-yeah" I said and he smirked


"Nothing enjoy the party" he said walking off after a few drinks got into my system I was drunk so drunk I danced with Brandon.  When we were done dancing I spoke with Rebecca and Beth. After the party was over I went home and laid down on the bed getting over my hangover 
When I woke up the next day I got ready for school class was boring Justin was enjoying himself with his little not in love wife. During track Ryan Chaz Beth and Rebecca came to see me running the track I seen them waving chanting my name 


"Holy shit he's here" Rebecca said I turnt around and seen Justin 

"What is he doing here isn't he suppose to be with his WIFE" I asked 

"Oh shit he left her" Rebecca said 

"Hey" Justin said 

"Hey what are you doing here" Ryan asked 

"I wasn't gonna miss this besides you guys came to Dylan's wedding I got Kimmy a birthday cake to make up the fact I wasn't there was it a good party" 

"Yeah Kim danced with her little crush Brandon he's a football player has nice hair amazing body and he's a brace face" 

"Sounds fugly" he said 

"Oh stop being jealous you're married" I said 

"Do you see a ring on my finger" he said lifting up his hand and we all gasped 

"We got into an argument after the wedding she yelled at me I told her I didn't wanna marry her in the first place she yelled at me saying she only used me for my money and to get her pregnant so..I divorced her it's stupid isn't it" 

"Definitely" Chaz said Justin sat down next to me watching Kimmy 

"You come here to win Kimmy back" I asked 

"I wanna see how things go first but you could say that"

"Well good luck because Brandon's here" I said pointing Justin looked to he looked angry looking back at Kimmy I had a weird feeling Justin was gonna do something. When Kimmy was done running she grabbed her towel Justin got off the benches going up to her

"What the fuck is he doing" Chaz asked

"Winning her back" Ryan said smiling

"Don't Brandon have a girlfriend I heard he screwed a cheerleader in the boys locker room" 

"Yeah" Rebecca said

I looked over at the benches Brandon waved I waved back smiling my smile slowly faded away I seen Justin walking up to me I ran up to him jumping in his arms 

"Someone's happy to see me" he said 

"Shut up what the hell are you doing here"

"Not married anymore you were right about everything you said I left her and came to see you I bought you a birthday cake we can all go to my house and chill"

"Okay um I'm almost done I still can't believe you're here you were brave to come down here to see me instead of waiting till the track meet was over" 

"Yeah well I might as well win you back till someone else get you more like Brandon or any other guy from another school" 

"Justin me and Brandon are just friends he's here to see his girlfriend" I said giggling 

"Your fucking friends-"

"They lied he wasn't here to see me jealous much" I said 

"A little you're a great runner"

"Yeah I like to run and you might want to go back and sit down before my uptight coach come and some fans of yours" I said getting down 

"Excuse me you can't be down here" Coach Sam said 

"Coach it's okay he was just going back to sit don't worry" 

"Oh no don't worry Kimmy my daughters love Justin and besides I was kinda wondering 
 if you could take a picture of us" she said giving me her camera I kinda got weirded out by this she wrapped her arm around his neck I took a picture of them giving the camera back to her 

"Thanks" she said walking off I chuckled crossing my arms

"Was there another reason you wanted to see me" I asked 

"I want to fix things between us I want you back" 

"Oh really no more confusion" I asked 

"Of course not let's go on a date tonight what do you say" he asked and I smiled thinking 

"Yeah I'd love to"

"Okay I see it's getting kind of cold here" he said taking off his jacket putting it on me 

"Thanks aren't you gonna be cold"

"No meet my by my car when you're done were all going to my place"

"Okay" I said and he walked off 
I went back to sit down next to Beth 

"Smooth"Rebecca said 

"Do you hate me because you think I might hurt Kim again" 

"No I don't hate you at all I think that was the most craziest thing you've done Brandon has a girlfriend you didn't have to get jealous ya know"

"Yeah I know" I said. After the track meet Kim met me by my car I sneaked up behind her tickling her from behind she quickly turnt around I laughed kissing her cheek. We went to my place having a few drinks eating cake 

"I'm happy to see you guys happy again is this like official" Ryan asked 

"Yeah we're official it's just I haven't confirmed it to the whole world yet"

"Well it's time to do that hand me your phone" Rebecca said I grabbed my phone handing it to her 

"Get together it's time to make this official" she said 
Kimmy sat on my lap instead of Rebecca taking the picture Ryan Chaz and Beth had their phones out. I got up grabbing Kimmy's hand pulling her close to me kissing her head while she smiled 

"Awe!" They all said taking the picture I grabbed my phone thinking of an caption to put 

"Thinking of a caption Bieber" Beth asked


"Well that's gonna be tough right" she asked 

"I would put If you love two people at the same time choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second one" Ryan said 

"I never loved Dylan"I said 

"Just put it" he said 

"Okay fine" I said sitting down next to Kimmy posting the picture

"Id love to see what the paparazzi and the media has to say about this" Rebecca said 

"I don't care what they say as long as I'm happy with the right person" I said 

"I think you need to turn on the tv" Rebecca said looking at her phone we quickly went to the living room turning on the tv 

'Justin Bieber DIVORCED? And back with his other girlfriend Kimmy. This is getting better and better teen pop sensation Justin Bieber divorced his wife Dylan Roberts the day they were married I wonder why well Dylan was interviewed today about what went down supposedly she knew Justin Bieber and his ex girlfriend Kimmy were still messing around did she divorce Justin or did Justin divorce her Dylan says Justin divorced her because he still had feelings with Kimmy. He posted a picture on Instagram with Kimmy capturing 'If you love two people at the same time choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second one' I think it's true love I honestly think what was the reason for Justin to get married in the first place if he still had feelings for his ex girlfriend do you honestly think they will last long?'

"I fucking hate ENews" Beth said 

"That makes both of us" I said 

"Well you know what don't listen to them I think it's true love wanting to be with the person that you were actually wanting all along the thing is you're both happy that's what they should be worrying about it's never a real relationship if everyone's up in your business and it's none of their business none of ours either don't feel bad because of what they said remember they're always talking besides there are marriages that never last at least an hour" Ryan said 

"I agree we are all happy with the person were with doesn't matter what the media says soon they'll find something new to talk about and move on are you honestly gonna listen to some adults with no lives giving relationship advice while theirs probably fucked up theirselves" Chaz said 

"Thanks Chaz and Ryan" Kimmy said 

"Just go out in public hold your heads up high and show them how happy you are together they'll shut up eventually"

"Chaz you're the kind of person that doesn't give a shit what anyone says" I said chuckling 

"Because I don't anyways were gonna go good luck" 

"Yeah good luck you'll need it" Beth said getting up walking out with Chaz 

"Bye morons" Rebecca said walking out 

"You think you can handle it" Ryan asked 

"Yeah I guess anything happens I'll text you"

"Alright" he said leaving. 

"Ready to go on our date" Kimmy said getting up wrapping her arms around my neck 

"Yeah you're not disappointed in what the news said"

"Of course not we love eachother and that's what matters are you disappointed"

"A little" 

"Don't be" she said smiling going upstairs 
I took a shower clearing my mind about everything except for this date I'm going to. I got out wrapping a towel around me going into the closet I smiled because Dylan left some of her dresses here they were really fancy and my size 

"Hey" Justin said 

"Hey Dylan left these here" 

"I know she never wore them I bought them for her but the dumb bitch didn't wear them lucky you it's your size"

"I know you're already dressed" I asked 

"There's more than one bathroom" 

"Right!" I said 

"I'll be downstairs" he said leaving I sighed putting on my underclothes then my short light pink skirt grey strapless top with some high heels. I looked into the mirror pulling the skirt up over my belly button checking myself out in the mirror. 

"Need help" Justin asked

"Yeah just zip me up" I said he grabbed the zipper zipping my skirt squeezing my ass 

"Hey!" I said giggling grabbing both of his hands 

"What" he asked 

"Nothing it's just I-I can't believe you divorced Dylan"

"Yeah well believe it couldn't take it anymore I couldn't last another hour with her and her complaining she knew that I didn't love her and I was still in love with you" 

"Wouldn't it be weird if you just told everyone at that wedding you were still in love with me" I said and he chuckled 

"Yeah and embarrassing I didn't want us to look embarrassed by her family and friends I'm just happy you came because I thought it would've been the last time seeing you"

"Yeah..same" I said. After I curled my hair we went out having an amazing dinner laughing talking..talking about the future and our childhood 

"This have been the best dinner ever I don't think we've been on a date before"

"Me either I'm happy we did this" he said 

"Me to" I said 

"Ready to go" 

"Yeah" I said getting up he grabbed my hand we left the restaurant 

"Wanna go to my place or yours" he asked 

"I don't know I guess I'll just go home and pack a couple of clothes Beth is over at Chaz and my mom always working"

"Okay" he said. We went to my place I packed a couple clothes going over to Justin's we layed on the floor next to the bed in our underclothes eating strawberries

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