My Mother's boyfriend

falling for your mom's boyfriend? that's crazy right?


1. Sexy Jerk

* Aubrey's POV*

I woke up in the middle of the night to hear that fucking annoying bell downstairs.I meant c’mon it’s 2 o’clock in the morning can’t I just get some rest?!

I sighed loudly trying to wake me up a little. it’s probably my drunk ass mother.yep I have a drinker as a mother

“c’miinnngg” I shout as I went downstairs. ugh that bell won’t stop ringing

I open the lock of the door

“mom-” I stop on my mid sentence as I saw that guy carrying my drunk,already passed out mother “who are you”

“can’t you just let me in?!” he snap “she’s heavy as hell” wow so much for first impression

“who the fuck are you?!” I snap back at him

he looked very young maybe about my age,I sould admit that he’s hot especially those curls.ugh snap it out but somehow he looked familiar

“this lady’s friend. now let me in!”

“how could I know that you’re not some kind of robber?”

“oh c’monnn” he whined “don’t you know who I am?”

“I should ask the same question” I laughed sarcastically

“I’m Harry let me in!” he demand

“never heard of it”

“look kiddo-” he said but I cutted him off

“kiddo?!” I laughed loudly.okay maybe a little too loud “you’re the same age as me”

“ugh whatever just let me in! she so fucking heavy” he grumbled

I examine his face closesly.

he doesn’t look like a bad guy

or a robber

nor a killer.

“okay fine” I said as I open the door a little bit wider so that he could come in

“finally!” he sighed in content as he plopped my mother to the couch.when I meant ‘plop’ he actually ‘throw’

“who are you?” I as again

“I’m this lady’s who the fuck are you?” he ask as he make himself comfortable

“I’m her daughter “ I stated

“well hello” he smiled cheekily at me “I’m your mother’s friend….with benefits” he continued

I think I just choked on my own saliva

“you should see your face” he laughed “nah just kidding I’m your mom’s boyfriend”

okay that’s even worse

I looked at him wide eyed

“how old are you?” I ask him ,still keeping my eyes sharp as I look at him

“19” he said casually as he put his feet on the table.

wow totally polite.note the sarcasm .

“why’d you even want to be with my mother?” I ask curiously still eyeing him the same way

“she’s just a good shag” he reply like that doesn’t even matters for actually it’s a BIG problem

“ you’re using my mom for sex?”

“yeah.jealous much. you know babe,if you want these..” he said as he point as his dick “you could just ask”

I swear that I just puke right at this place.I’m puking air so there’s nothing seen

“pfftt hell no “ I said as I glance at the clock it’s 3am and I got school tomorrow “can’t you like go now?” i ask him a little bit rudely

“awwww whyyyyy I’m so tired” he whined

“ugh.whatever I’m off to bed”
I begin to make my way upstairs

“wait!”he called

“what?! I’m so tired can’t you just let me sleep?” I whined

“I was just about to ask your name babe”

“my name is Aubrey and don’t call me babe” I snap at him with that I went upstairs to sleep

that guy is such a jerk. a sexy jerk





Hey Guys! I posted this on another website and it's quite famous so I'd like to post it here too :) hope you all like this :) x


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